Last week Kimberly and I decided to meet up for a late meal and dined at our favorite go-to village pasta stop, Bar Pitti. We were the lone soles occupying an outdoor table. With no heat lamps in sight, we braved the breeze and were determined to enjoy our rigatoni al fresco. Earlier in the […]

Despite my passion for everything winter—long weekends in Vermont, fireside naps, cups of Jacques Torres’ Wicked Hot Chocolate, over-sized sweaters, and oodles of Kimberly’s comfort food—I am more than ready to bid adieu to the slopes and embrace a few sunny afternoons in Prospect Park. The Dinner Belle, much like this new spring season, is […]

April 12th, 2009

7,000 Cookies Later

Unless you live under a rock somewhere out in East Bumblefuck you must have heard that London’s lauded fashion haven TOPSHOP, opened last week to multi-million dollar business and mobs of people queuing up for blocks, waiting in line for hours, just to go shopping (and meet Kate Moss). The Dinner Belle catered the four-day […]

October 22nd, 2007

Seedy Chic

With Kate Moss continuing her reign as international style icon, it seems inevitable that her brand of “I just threw on these clothes that, if they weren’t slung so nonchalantly over my hipster frame would look like a pile of crap but on me make me look exactly like who you want to be when you look […]

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