This season I’ve been enjoying classic summer pairings. Certain foods, like people, just seem to belong together, and as the sunshine months wear on, I have been determined to uncover as many of these classic combinations as possible. Just back from Colorado and eager to see what fruit the greenmarket bore in my absence, last […]

September 29th, 2008

Proud Members of Society, by Erin

I know it’s a little early for Halloween and (except for Celest) wearing twelve strands of pearls at once is overkill, but Kimberly and I had the great fortune to play dress up recently, channel our innermost Daisy Buchannans, and venture from the West Village to “West Egg” for a fabulous party. It took some […]

September 11th, 2008

Strawberry Fields (forever)

I go home for a few weeks every summer. This year I broke it up into two smaller visits, which meant I’d be there first for my family reunion and later for my next-door neighbor’s wedding, a.k.a. first for strawberry season and later for tomato season! Both family events were drama-filled excuses to dress up […]

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