September 7th, 2012

Reflections, between seasons

On occasion, life’s plans have a tendency to overwhelm life’s possibilities. In the month of August I fell victim to that double-edged claim. Overloaded and overjoyed with vacation agendas, catering gigs, wedding celebrations and bonding time with my bestie who is about to become a bride, the myriad possibilities I imagined for timely blog posts […]

March 5th, 2010

Market Report: Squashed

As I was making my way to the Union Square Farmers’ Market a few days ago, I noticed something: my coat wasn’t fully zipped up, my scarf was loose around my neck, and though there was a breeze in the air, I wasn’t bracing myself every time the wind rattled. February, it seems, is only […]

My first crush was Jason. Jason was way too cool for school, and way too impressed with boy toys to notice my bouncing blonde curls. An example: in second grade I brought in one of those glitter wands filled with purple sparkles and twirled it like a baton during show-and-tell. Jason fell asleep at his […]

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