I’m unveiling a new monthly blog feature and have chosen my old friend and self-described “most powerful maître d‘ in the city,” Snotty McSnobster, to help launch my very first Maven of the Month blog post. Each month I’ll focus on a new Food Maven and ask him or her to share their insider secrets […]

How do you score the best table at Restaurant Daniel? Should you grease your Maître D? What the hell is a Maître D? Snotty McSnobster has all the answers. Self described as the most powerful Maître D in the city (and it could well be true!), Snotty recently went on tape with Josh Ozersky to […]

On the day of our Iron Chef challenge, Snotty McSnobster arrived at my fifth-floor walkup, toting an uncharacteristic burlap sack like a sort of twisted Santa Claus. First he pulled out a bottle of Plymouth, then a pack of limes. I queried the Snobster, “That’s it? We’re drinking pure alcohol? Are you trying to get […]

Right before I took off on a two-week jaunt down south, I met up with my most mordant friend for sherry and snacks at one of my favorite spots in the city, Blue Ribbon Bar. Over a bottle of amontillado and cumin-roasted almonds, Snotty McSnobster and I exchanged stories about the scandal-clad party hop we […]

January 12th, 2010

Doing it Right

It’s not just a new year; it’s a new decade. A new start. A chance for a fresh proclamation. And with all this “new” comes the inevitable reflections of old… Snotty McSnobster held his annual holiday hijinks soiree right before I skipped town for Buff last month. Celest was my +1. In attendance at the […]

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