January 26th, 2011

The Winter Table

The New Year is upon us, and Winter has descended upon the city, glistening with white powder and crackling quiet beneath her blanket of snow. Though the holidaze has passed, the gaze outside my 5th floor tenement looks a lot like an urban Christmas village, city sidewalks and rooftops twinkling in the glow of streetlamps […]

Last week we sent summer packing and took a look back at my favorite spring recipes, but this week is all about autumn. Outside, it smells like fall, it feels like fall, and though the leaves haven’t yet tuned crimson shades of rust and red, pumpkins have begun to pop their ginger heads at farmers’ […]

Summer’s final sunset may be upon us. Last week marked the first official day of fall, and this week promises so much rain it feels more like spring in Shanghai than autumn in New York. Whatever the weather, there seems to be no getting around the reality that summer (ruefully or rapturously) is over. As […]

I’m just back in the Big Apple after an extended wedding weekend in Vermont, where I baked and assembled a tower of 250 cocktail-inspired cupcakes cupcakes (think Brandy Alexanders, Bourbon Manhattans and Carmel Cappuccino Creams)! Sorting through my many wedding photos I got to thinking about all the travel images I collected this past Spring, […]

Today marks the first day of Summer! And by all accounts, this season already seems to have surpassed last year’s wash out. It’s gorgeous outside, and has been for weeks now. Summer’s heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn are right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of Spring’s leftover harvest to keep us happily returning […]

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