Like any through-and-through New Yorker, I have a secret, almost an illicit fantasy – moving. In this recurring dream, my destination is Northern California, where I’d live in an actual house, somewhere near the sea or grape vines, and do California things: like become a morning person and walk a big beautiful dog on the […]

September 26th, 2007

Scallops Encore

Seems I’m not the only one with scallops on the brain today! The NY Times just posted a recipe that calls for poaching the sweet creatures in cream and topping the dish with fresh basil. The heavy comfort of the cream and butter, the sweet basil that reminds of the summer that’s passing away…it might […]

Two of my perennial summer favorites are about to go the way of open toed shoes: out of season. Tonight I decided to combine my love for golden sweet corn and blackberries, creating a dish that pays homage to summer’s last stand against autumnal breezes, the harbingers of wool pants and first frost. I admit […]

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