Jamie Oliver has long been my favorite celebrity chef. He’s equal parts conscientious, wickedly skilled in the kitchen, fantastically inspired with his approach to food, and damn sexy. He has a food life worthy of envy that he’s undoubtedly earned through years of getting down to brass tacks both behind the stove and in front […]

July 28th, 2009

In The Buff

I’m in The Buff. No, I’m not naked. That photo is meant only as a ploy to get you reading about processed food. The truth is, I’m spending the week with my Mamma and celebrating my cousin Frankie’s high school graduation in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. Affectionately donned, “B-lo” or “Buff” when I’m […]

Michelle Obama to the rescue. It may be premature to grant her superhero status just yet, but this first lady has done more for food in her “first 100 days” than other administrations have done in the last 100 years. By planting a green garden on the white house lawn and opening her kitchen to […]

I am not the only one to notice the symbiotic and highly profitable relationship between Big Food & Big Pharma, nor am I alone in diagnosing the tight grip they hold on chronic disease. I am a student of a small but growing few who have made it their lives’ work to advocate on behalf […]

Global warming may be killing the planet, but fast food is killing the people who live on it. I’m not singling out McDonald’s, Burger King, or any of the many fried chicken joints as the sole source of this most modern of epidemic plagues. That’s been done, well, and documented over and over again, even […]

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