March 1st, 2010

Crush-a-Belle: Pickled

Pickles are to New Yorkers as kimchi is to Koreans. Sweet or sour, soft or crunchy, mild or garlicky, the city and the pickle are as entwined as pastrami and rye. The unsung hero of the Lower East Side, as quintessential as the New York slice, the Kosher dill was once a headliner of the […]

Thank God New York will still be cold for another few weeks. I need to hide in my cozy sweaters a bit longer and plot atonement for a recent baked goods overload that has left me feeling like the only “clothes” I have that fit properly are made of terry cloth. A robe is so […]

“Will you ladies be having any dessert tonight?” the waiter asked optimistically. “Oh, no thank you…I’m just so full…not really into sweets,” the group of young women lied in unison, believing that the secret to saying “no” to dessert comes from clinging to the group’s collective, joyless willpower. Of course, I’d watched them each consume […]

I was wearing my mink and satin, vintage, cocktail hat and Celest, one of her dramatically necklined, silk frocks. We were both in heels with lips painted red, appropriate for The Supper Club event we’d attended earlier that evening, but pretty out of place at a tiki bar. No matter. The vibe at the new […]

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