November 4th, 2010

To Eat or Not To Eat(aly)

I’m drawn to all things Italian, and not just in the kitchen. But when news broke that Mario Batali was opening an Italian mecca for tutto Italiano, I was hesitant. Why did I doubt the master? I guess I was worried that Eataly would be like every other consumer haven in the city, just another […]

One of the benefits (if you see it that way) of living and dining in Manhattan is that celebrity sightings are a part of everyday life. Last week, I gave a brief take on the celebrity chef phenomenon , and of course, within a couple of days, I found myself sitting at a table behind […]

April 22nd, 2008

Celebrity Chefs

No surprise—there’s a lot of hoopla about celebrity chefs these days. They’re deified and defiled, honored and skewered, loved and loathed. And I am as ambivalent about the culinary stars as anybody. On the one hand, I take it as an inevitability that Americans are attracted to the celebritizing of anything, so why not food? And […]

December 11th, 2007

Can’t-Live-Without Cookbooks

Every cook in the kitchen has chefs on the page to help her through consommé, baking bread, and the equivalent of the dreaded “writers block:” recipe blank. I make no qualms over seeking inspiration and information from others’ recipes, and almost always start a new recipe of my own after several hours perusing those of […]

Mario is my Italian Food God, despite his personal short-comings (I know some storieeeees…), and he said last week on his new Serious Eats webcast video short “Unclogged” (can’t decide if it’s a hip move for him, or if it smacks of “desperate to get back in front of a camera since I’ve been banished from […]

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