For me, coffee is an everyday luxury. By “everyday,” though, I mean Simple. Pure. Uncomplicated. I don’t mean that it’s a daily indulgence. First, I can’t drink coffee every day because I love it too much. I need to ration, so as not to take it for granted. Gotta keep it special. Second, I’m too […]

My bright, young cousin Natalie, a constant running buddy since she came to study at NYU in 2006, is moving to Parisfor the next six months! I’ll miss our Grey Dog lunches and Sunday night movie dates while she’s immersed at The Sorbonne, seeking out the company of romantic young Frenchmen (who, I’ve already warned her, will most […]

October 1st, 2007

Grey Dog Bites

It’s a mantra. A no-brainer. When it comes to restaurants: get what the place is known for. I’ll never understand people who think it’s boring, or cliché, or I don’t know what, to order Love Letters at Babbo, soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai, or a hot dog at a Yankee’s game. Sadly, I did not […]

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