September 1st, 2009

Grilling Flavor

Click here to watch the first webisode in this series or get the recipe for my grilled Mexican style Corn-on-the-Cob.

A few winters ago, I received a call from Marco, a friend of a friend who was in town from Spain, asking if I’d like to have dinner. Our mutual friend assured me that Marco was tall, dark and single, and that he loved to cook. Armed with ulterior motives and luscious memories of head-on […]

As I sit down to write this post we are waltzing, make that running, through the last days of summer. Now is the time to fire up the grill and eat outdoors, before the waning days of humid haze elude us, and we wish it were once again time to complain about the heat. It […]

Two of my perennial summer favorites are about to go the way of open toed shoes: out of season. Tonight I decided to combine my love for golden sweet corn and blackberries, creating a dish that pays homage to summer’s last stand against autumnal breezes, the harbingers of wool pants and first frost. I admit […]

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