September 7th, 2012

Reflections, between seasons

On occasion, life’s plans have a tendency to overwhelm life’s possibilities. In the month of August I fell victim to that double-edged claim. Overloaded and overjoyed with vacation agendas, catering gigs, wedding celebrations and bonding time with my bestie who is about to become a bride, the myriad possibilities I imagined for timely blog posts […]

While this past summer may have proved quiet and lazy for some, The Dinner Belle has been working non-stop, steadily growing our client base and consistently catering events through the hottest months, leading up to our busiest fall season yet! What sort of events, you may ask, could possibly top Topshop? While I may look […]

September 29th, 2009

101 Tidbits About Belle (Part II)

51. I’m a great hostess. Great. 52. I hate the new trend of stem-less stemware! What’s the point of champagne if there’s no beautiful glass from which to sip it? 53. Yes, I always want more bread! Or chips, as the case may be. 54. I think my nose is too big, my arms are […]

September 23rd, 2009

101 Tidbits About Belle (Part I)

Today marks my blog’s Two Year Anniversary! To celebrate, I’m offering up 101 fun facts you still might not know about me two years in… 1. “Crave” is my favorite word. And my favorite feeling. 2. I’m liberal, in my pour and in my politics. 3. I firmly believe there’s no inherent value in being […]

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