January 20th, 2011

Market Report: Brussels Sprouts

As part of my comfort-chic food philosophy, I love the challenge of uplifting childhood favorites and forgotten veggies to star status. Since I’ve been counting down my foodie faves from 2010 and predicting 2011’s upcoming culinary trends, I’d like to revisit one of winter’s most venerable and most deplored (depending upon the age of who […]

This season I’ve been enjoying classic summer pairings. Certain foods, like people, just seem to belong together, and as the sunshine months wear on, I have been determined to uncover as many of these classic combinations as possible. Just back from Colorado and eager to see what fruit the greenmarket bore in my absence, last […]

I may be a chef and a foodie, but one of my favorite meals has always been bread and butter. Though I was not a finicky child, on those nights that our family ate “grown up food” I would be allowed, assuming I’d at least tried my meal and finished enough of the vegetables, to […]

March 9th, 2010

Market Report: Smashed

Talk about a spring tease! The last few days in New York City felt like full-fledged spring, but my Buffalo bones (and NY1) tell me there’s more winter on the horizon. Apparently it’s gonna rain on my birthday, and March’s madness is likely to keep us guessing till we turn the corner on April, and […]

March 5th, 2010

Market Report: Squashed

As I was making my way to the Union Square Farmers’ Market a few days ago, I noticed something: my coat wasn’t fully zipped up, my scarf was loose around my neck, and though there was a breeze in the air, I wasn’t bracing myself every time the wind rattled. February, it seems, is only […]

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