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A self-titled Food Maven, adventure is my passion and food my passport. I cook, write and eat real foods: Seasonal always. Local when available. Organic if I can afford it. I believe that food is culture and culture is food, and that we can change the way we live through attention to what’s on our plates. That said, I’m not above cheese fries…but life’s too short to eat Velveeta.



A picky eater with a relentless sweet tooth, Erin knows what she likes–on her plate and in her career–and always smiles her way to success. Acting gigs feed her Brooklyn bank account when she’s not entertaining New York’s elite as Event Coordinator for The Dinner Belle. Erin loves her acting-catering combo almost as much as she loves jellybeans.


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Concept Statement

This blog has many chapters. Over the years I have tested and trialed dozens of recipes for writing a food blog that best reflects my interests in real food. To date, I have written restaurant reviews, published links to my professional food writing, shared adventures with my Tribe of foodie friends, written seasonal recipes and stories about farmers’ market ingredients, posted my dining calendar and filmed countless video webisodes. As my blog continues to unfold, I hope you will stay tuned to taste all of what’s on the menu at A bit more about me…

Having previously taught as a tenure-track writing professor, I now work as a freelance food writer and Co-Owner/Executive Chef of The Dinner Belle boutique catering company in New York City. Along with my best friend Erin, I started catering and blogging back in 2007 to showcase my gourmet-meets-girl-next-door culinary sensibility. The Dinner Belle specializes in custom menu creation and personalized event design for individuals touting tailored tastes. I currently live between Boston & NYC, where I don the title Food Maven and ask you to Eat it Up!

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