Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Desert with Daddy

Just about this time last year, I returned to blogging after a four-month hiatus to move to Boston with my man. During my break from the blogosphere, my bestie got engaged (wedding photos here), Mr. Mix and I traveled to Chicago for our annual Thanksgiving fête with his fam, and Papa Belle and I escaped to Scottsdale, Arizona for some father-daughter time in the Sonoran Desert. With wafts of smoked chipotle chilies roasting over pecan wood flames providing the backdrop to our bonding, we indulged in little else but poolside sunbathing, hiking through desert sandscapes and sampling Southwestern cuisine. My article about our adventures out West has finally hit international newsstands in last week’s edition of Business Today magazine. You can preview the first few paragraphs below, and follow the link at the bottom of the post to read more:

The last time I vacationed in Scottsdale, Arizona I was ten years old. What does a ten-year-old from upstate New York do in the desert over Christmas vacation? My parents might have asked themselves the same thing.

Located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale may be best known for its weather, which has fostered many a retirement community and championship golf course. Yet, neither qualify it as a tween-friendly destination. In 1988 The Phoenician had just opened, and it promised to be one of the world’s best resorts. Unable to resist its allure (or book a babysitter), my parents dragged us along for a week of luxuriant spa treatments, fine-dining excursions and “magical” sunsets. My brother and I would’ve preferred hot dogs at Magic Kingdom.

Returning home with a sunburn, a taste for Southwestern cuisine and a potted cactus, I wasn’t especially eager to revisit Scottsdale. But recently, when my father suggested a father-daughter trip to the desert, I acquiesced–if only for old times’ sake. In the two decades since, both the city and the ten-year-old had grown up. I would experience Scottsdale from a completely fresh perspective while relishing (this time) the serene resort setting.

Within a day of arriving, it became obvious that Scottdale’s sprawling sandscapes had reconfigured into an urban hub. The city had acquired the polish of a sophisticated lady about town, while retaining the graceful hospitality of a bygone era of the American West. By day, perennially sunny skies created an ideal backdrop for outdoor adventures, competitive sports, poolside lounging and upscale shopping. By night, acclaimed restaurants, local galleries and dozens of wine bars, cocktail dens and performing arts venues awaited our discovery...

To read the full length article that was published in Business Today magazine, click here and Eat it Up!

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