Wednesday, November 21, 2012

McCormick & Me

It’s turkey time! The birds are being brined, the pâte brisée is being rolled out atop pie plates across the country–waiting to be filled with nutmeg and cinnamon spiced pumpkin, and the gravy boats are getting a fresh polish. I’m partial to a homemade giblet gravy that requires roasting bones, simmering stock and chopping liver, but if you’re grossed out by gizzards or just need a last minute recipe that’s a little snappier for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving table, I’ve got an idea! Last September I was lucky enough to work with McCormick spice company to shoot a web campaign for the nearly-here holiday season, and our first video was released just in time for turkey. Press play on the video screen above to watch me make McCormick’s “easy as pie” turkey gravy, and sneak a peek into the gourmet digs we were able to shoot in at Tasting Table’s enviable Test Kitchen in New York City. Happy Thanksgiving Food Mavens. Enjoy the holiday harvest and Eat it Up!

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4 Responses to “McCormick & Me”

  1. Eileen

    I just started making gravy from scratch, but the McCormick stuff really is good, especially if you do the method here. If I run out of homemade gravy w/ leftovers I use McCormick. :)

  2. Kimberly Belle

    So Eileen, did you run out of gravy last week? It’s a genius idea to have a packet of this stuff as backup around turkey time. Thanks for the note and happy harvest season!

  3. nl1001

    Kim, I am coming to you for something other than food because of your vast knowledge of what is available in many markets across our great cities. I apologize for posting in the wrong place but I didn’t see a general commentary spot ( please feel free to re post if there is such a spot).

    So here is the question * note and I am tuned in to the design world and still haven’t received an answer.

    We want those antique blue XMAS lights of the 70s — you know the color, a bit blue a bit green — lovely. They don’t need to be the big hot bulbs — two years ago they had the same color in small bulbs at Target , last year they were the completely the wrong blue ( almost purple). So I ask, do you have any leads, any ideas on how to get this classic blue bulb for decorating a cute outside shrub?

  4. Kimberly Belle

    Hi Nicole, I wish I knew! I would die for those public-pool Christmas lights. I’ve always just decorated with white lights myself, but I think a blue-green glow would be gorgeous. I’m sure you have already, but I would just troll the internet and see if you can’t find something that’s actually vintage. Then again, with lights, if you lose one you lose them them all, so maybe a Target type reproduction is preferable. Good luck and keep me in the loop if you find them! XO

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