Thursday, November 8, 2012

Autumn, in images

Autumn has brought with it a host of harvest hubbub. Tuesday’s Presidential Election rounded out a season that began with me making Thanksgiving Dinner on set for the McCormick web campaign I shot in Tasting Table’s Test Kitchen, and ended with a haunted tour through a Halloween corn maze, a return trip to Maine for Mr. Mix’s birthday getaway, three weddings and a hurricane.

Grateful and humbled, I was never more relieved then when the power went back on in my West Village abode last weekend. Helping to re-elect President Obama and returning to Maine to explore its “lobstervore” mid-coast were decided highlights both, but watching my bestie walk down the aisle to marry the man she’s loved with her whole heart for seven whole years was a show-stopper. I was never more honored to stand up for a wedding than I was hers, and I was never more nervous delivering a speech than I was as her Maid of Honor!

To sneak a peek into my autumnal adventures, watch the slideshow above with wedding photography courtesy of Rowan Imagery, or download my free Fall Recipe eBook to try your hand at my homemade harvest recipes. Brussels sprouts, squash, beets, grapes, carrots, pears, apples and pumpkins are at their seasonal best, begging to be transformed into apple tartlets a la mode or an earthen risotto served inside a sugar pie pumpkin. With turkey time right around the corner, falling leaves and wafts of crackling firewood remind us to be thankful for the full spectrum of life’s many and mixed blessings, and there’s no better tribute to the harvest season than to Eat it Up!

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  1. nl1001

    The wedding looks great, do you have more photos of the festivities and of course the food?

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