Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Years…5% Off the Top

Today marks the 5th anniversary of this blog! Over the years I have tested and trialed dozens of recipes for writing a food blog that best reflects my interests in real food. To date, I have written restaurant reviews, published links to my professional food writing, shared adventures with my Tribe of foodie friends, written seasonal recipes and stories about farmers’ market fare, self-published four Season-a-Belle recipe eBooks and filmed countless video webisodes documenting the story of my journey toward becoming a professional foodie.

This month also commemorates my 5th anniversary as a caterer. From humble beginnings, The Dinner Belle got our start serving a single dish–artichoke-tomato marmalade–at the humbling United Nations. We followed that up with the launch party for the New York chapter of the London-based networking society, The Supper Club. Soon thereafter, holiday parties started rolling in, spring launch events took us up to the Mansion on Sugar Hill in Harlem and down to the grand opening of Topshop in Soho, challenging us all the while to do more than we ever thought possible (7,000 cookies more). By the following summer, I was ready to walk away from my tenure-track job as a writing professor to take on the challenges of a becoming a full-time Food Maven.

To celebrate our success, The Dinner Belle is offering a 5% discount off all catering costs to anyone booking a holiday party in the month of December. It’s not too early to allow visions of sugar plums to dance alongside the Monday Night Football plans you’re already conjuring up in your head. From gala corporate cocktail parties in decked out office digs or rented penthouses, to private plated feasts with family and friends seated around your dining room table, The Dinner Belles are experience makers who will custom-tailor all the scrumptious details for your December soiree. Just ring our belle to get the ball rolling on your be-here-before-you-know-it holiday bash.

Over these last five years, my life as a blogging chef has taken turns every which way. Today I find myself in the cozy comforts of my Boston bungalow, hungry for new opportunities that lie around the corner. As Erbear ventures off to get married next month, and Mr. Mix and I prepare to celebrate our third Thanksgiving together this November, the promise of change and growth and new possibilities has never been brighter. As I look forward to the next five years and the many new horizons they will no doubt bring, I cannot help but feel a nagging nostalgia for the memories made that have got me this far.

Thank you for reading and raising a glass to all that I’ve accomplished alongside your support these last five years. It would have been a far lonelier adventure to have risen these entrepreneurial ranks without you. As my blogging and catering future continues to unfold, I hope you will stay tuned to taste all of what’s on the menu at Cheers!


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2 Responses to “5 Years…5% Off the Top”

  1. Lee

    Your food blog is truly the most enjoyable of any I have read or looked at. I think your unpretentious adoration of cooking, visually enjoying food and your surroundings, your experimentation, your enthusiasm, your generosity, your kindness, your verve for life, your love of family, your creativity, your gifts that are in multitude, from taking a fabulous photograph to writing an enticing story all keeps your readers like me glued to the page, wanting more, and feeling as though the sun has shone a little brighter that day, no matter what. So indeed I will raise my glass to Food Maven tonight! Thank you for giving us such pleasurable entertainment and delight.

  2. Kimberly Belle

    Wow. This is high praise coming from an artist such as yourself. Thank you, Lee. You have lifted my spirits and raised not just my glass, but my pen, to reach ever higher heights as a writer. XO

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