Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sizzling Into Summer

June has bestowed many blessings; among them, a visit from my Mamma, the Chicago wedding of Mr. Mix’s radiant sister to a wonderfully decent man, and an adventure out to the island of Nantucket with new friends who flaunt great culinary and photographic gifts. Camera in hand, I’ve tried to capture joyful June memories to share with you here, and courtesy of my shutter-bugging neighbor Robert Krivicich, some of these images can quite aptly be called art.

Independence Day may have come and gone, but I’m still sizzling my way into the hot and sticky months (and meals) of summer. Check out my Season-a-Belle Summer Recipe eBook and grace your table with seasonal beans, beets, berries, cherries, corn, herbs, peas, peppers, rhubarb, stone fruit and squash blossoms. We’ll have to wait another month until tomato time truly bursts onto the scene, but for now, we can sate ourselves with liquor-spiked sweet treats like my avocado-cachaça popsicles and strawberry-basil margarita jello shots. If its savory flavor you’re after, try my zucchini ribbon pasta salad with blistered shishito peppers, or watch my photo slideshow for lobster boil and BBQ inspiration…and Eat it Up!

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3 Responses to “Sizzling Into Summer”

  1. nicole

    your recipes are always amazing, as you know I don’t do sweets, but your savory recommendations ( esp for grilling fish) are great! I keep checking back for meat and fish prep/ cook techniques.


  2. william

    Two questions for the dinner belle

    1) I want to make the perfect n– can you recommend a recipe? I have tried simple syrup, granulated sugar and powdered sugar??? none are perfect — either too sweet or not integrated well .

    2) regarding grilling steaks, fish and chicken — we have a great grill, good marinades but we never seem to get the perfect char, what is the secret?

  3. Kimberly Belle

    William, I’m afraid you’ll have to give me more details than just “I want to make the perfect n–”! Simple typo, I’m sure ;)

    As for your question on the perfect char, to get those pretty grill marks and great char flavor you have to let your meat sit on the grill without touching it. We cooks are too often too eager to check in and see how the meat is doing. The secret is to let the meat chill out and cook for a solid amount of time before flipping it. One flip total, then eat!

    And Nicole, I’ll think over some savory dishes to share on the blog soon. Thanks to you both for the shout out!

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