Friday, June 1, 2012

Reap What You Sow

My garden, my ears and my traveling shoes have been abuzz with activity these last few weeks as we’ve fitfully begun to reap what we sowed. Mr. Mix has finished his first year of classes, which feels a bit like getting our life back. To celebrate, we skipped town for a weekend in NYC to see old friends, meet new babies, and taste all of the city in one sitting at The Great GoogaMooga Festival. Erbear and her man joined in on the fun as we danced along to New Orleans jazz, made one too many visits to the sherry tent, and ate ourselves silly. Afterward, Mr. Mix treated me to a late night showing of Sleep No More, where I got as close as I ever will to my dream of seeing Billie Holiday sing.

Back in Boston, our garden was hankering for attention. After resorting to chicken wire to keep out the critters at no small cost to my pocketbook or sanity, my once quaint courtyard has since taken on the appearance of a barnyard workshop. No matter…I imagine this to be but the first of many tests to try my agrarian vanity, patience, and dabbling DIY skills. We harvested our very first crop and transformed its leaves into a mustard greens salad packed with pickled watermelon radish and dressed in a homemade honey-Dijon vinaigrette. The spicy-sweet taste of success! The rest of our holiday weekend was all about biking along the beach, lobster boils and backyard BBQs. We spent Memorial Day out on Plum Island, returning to shore only when we heard the electronic hum of our Radiohead concert tickets calling. Spring has sprouted. Eat it Up!

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