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I hate to say it. I really do, but the Union Oyster House bites! I’m not sure it’s even worth the single star I gave it here; okay, maybe just the one, but only because it’s Boston’s (and thereby America’s) oldest restaurant. It’s super cute from the outside, and my first time peering in with Mamma and Mr. Mix by my side, we were compelled to go in for a taste test.

Prime seating is at the original wooden bar where bowls of chowda’ and icy plates of East Coast oysters are served up from the window display. It’s picture perfect, and would make a great holiday setting, if it weren’t for the food. Once you open your mouth, I’m afraid it’s all downhill from there.

The clam chowder may be the worst I’ve had. I would be shocked if it wasn’t processed gruel from Sysco or some similar industrial giant. The day we visited, they only had one type of oysters available: Blue Points…from LONG ISLAND. In a city of seafood, it made no sense to me that they would ship in oysters from New York. When Mr. Mix ordered their house made root-beer, he was dismayed to discover it was really just a generic, store-bought bottle branded with an Oyster House label. Balls.

Union Oyster House is a place to see and not eat while walking the historic Freedom Trail. It might be a fine setting for a pint, but these days, their money is in the merchandise at their gift shop (!) and not on your plate.

Union Oyster House
41 Union St
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 227-2750
Neighborhood: Faneuil Hall

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3 Responses to “Boston Restaurant Review: Union Oyster House”

  1. kitchenriffs

    Sigh. I haven’t eaten there for decades, but it used to be decent. Sorry to see it’s decline. Only one type of oyster? Unbelievable. Thanks for the heads up. When I’m next in Boston I’ll be giving it a miss.

  2. Kimberly Belle

    ‘Tis a crying shame! But no less true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kitchenriffs. And Briana, thank you for the well wishes. I will keep you posted with what’s happening in my very 1st garden…excited (to reap what I sow), scared (I’ll screw up).

  3. Mark Beers

    Hey Kim,

    Reading this review really makes me feel like I dodged a bullet last month when in Boston. Was in town of the PAXEast convention and my group was considering this place for our dinner Thursday night. We ended up at La Famiglia in the North End instead that evening and I couldn’t have been happier. What a great little restaurant. Especially after reading this review.

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