Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spill The Beans

Spill The Beans from Kimberly Belle on Vimeo.

It’s not just string beans that are spilling over onto menus this season; I’m bursting at the seams with news of my own. As the August sun starts to sizzle and the summer harvest begins to bloom, it’s time for me to come clean and spill the beans…I’m moving! To Boston (sort of). Mr. Mixologist is relocating to do an MBA in Beantown, and I’m going with him. I’ll be back and back and forth to my West Village pad each and every month to cook, cater and cavort with My Tribe, but my man and I have just rented a three-story townhouse with a true chef’s kitchen (!) in Charlestown, and the prospect of living together leaves me as happy as a Cherrystone clam. It’s business as usual for The Dinner Belle as we gear up for our busiest fall season yet, and I gear up for the monthly commute back and forth to my beloved Big Apple. In the meantime, I must take a little time away from blogging so I can settle in to my new Boston digs. I’m gonna a miss writing, eating and living in NYC, but I’ll be back…and I promise to tell you all about my new food life when I return. Till then, stay in touch with me on Yelp, Twitter and Facebook, where I’ll track my every Food Maven move so you can Eat it Up!

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5 Responses to “Spill The Beans”

  1. Liz

    What exciting news for you! Thanks for leading me to your fabulous blog, Kimberly! My mouth is agape looking at the incredible food photos below. Hope to be back frequently~

  2. Nicole@The Galley Gourmet

    Happy news for you, your love, and your passion in life! Best!

  3. Kimberly Belle

    Thank you, ladies! I continue to count my lucky stars that I’ve landed here in Boston with my love, and still go back to NYC to cook & cater–my other love. Hope to count you among my readers when I re-launch next month!

  4. Lauren

    So exciting! Good luck in Boston! Doing things for love is the best!

  5. Michele Garcia

    A cool and unique blog! I hope you’re discovering lots of new food adventures in Boston.

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