Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maven of the Month: Kris Schoels

The wait is over! There has been a month-long drought since introducing our last Maven of the Month, but thankfully, today’s fresh and inspiring feature promises to make up for it. June’s Maven offers an essential dose of sugar, spice and everything nice…quite the departure from the snotty antics of mavens’ past. Meet Kris Schoels–the fabulous blogger of, a lifestyle blog that covers everything from lemon raspberry tartlets to pastel-colored peep-toe heels. For those young, married, chic hostesses out there looking to add a zesty twist to their salad recipes or seeking inspiration for outdoor entertaining–look no further, I’ve got your girl. To learn more about our June Maven’s sweet tooth and her royal crush on a certain English prince, read her recipe below for making life beautiful and Eat it Up!

How to be Young, Married & Chic, by Kris Schoels

1) The word chic really encompasses so many traits. It’s being comfortable in your own skin, a gracious person, loving, and kind. All things that I try (key word is try) to be daily.

2) When I moved to New York from Virginia I found that most of my friends didn’t know a thing about cooking, entertaining on a budget, or keeping a home. One day a female friend of mine said, “Kris, I need a wife like you.” I went to correct her and said, “You mean you need a husband like me,” and she went, “No, I need someone like you around the house. I don’t know how to roast a chicken, bake a pie, or sew buttons on shirts. Can you help me with these things?” And so, YoungMarriedChic was born–as I figured there were others that needed help with chic home keeping too!

3) A recipe I find myself going back to over and over is my Mom’s Blueberry Muffins; it reminds me of being at home on our family farm in the summertime. And people have gone bonkers over my Cookie Dough Cupcakes…they even ended up on Fox News!

4) My favorite cookbook at the moment is Pretty Delicious by Candice Kumai–she takes amazing comfort food and transforms it into healthy recipes. Not to mention the fact that the photos in the book are gorgeous!

5) I’m a more sweet than salty person. I’ve never met a dessert I didn’t like. Cupcakes anyone?

6) The best kind of dinner party entertainment is a funny friend; you can’t pay for that kind of entertainment.

7) My favorite part of a wedding ceremony is when the groom sees the bride for the first time–but really, it’s when they cut the cake. Okay, more like when they start bringing out the cake. Warning: I will taste every tier.

8) Best tip for a bride-to-be: The things that you think are important (seating charts, colors, invites, themes), really don’t matter. The things that everyone remembers from the wedding? How the food tasted, if you played fun music, and the fact that you are letting them share in your special day.

9) I’m in favor of both wedding planners and DIY weddings. DIY until the wedding day, then a day-of wedding planner is a must. A necessity, non-negotiable. You do not want to be stressed on your wedding day.

10) Themed parties for a wedding? Nay. Themed parties because you want to have a super fun birthday bash? Yea, but keep it classy!

11) The coolest event I’ve ever attended in NYC was a Bat Mitzvah weekend. It was held at Cipriani’s on 42nd Street, and was honestly the most beautifully decorated space I have ever seen. Balls of roses hung from the ceiling when you walked in, the lighting was amazing; there was a separate kids room where they could all hang out, a huge candy bar with take home bags, dancers, a great band, and at the end of the night a donut bar was set up with carryout boxes. We ended the weekend with brunch at the Palace Hotel, that was the most amazing brunch set up I’ve ever seen. What a fabulous weekend, and it was really touching to see how proud the parents were of their daughter.

12) A makeup item I use religiously is Nars Laguna Bronzer. I grew up near the beach and it gives me that perma-glow even throughout the winter.

13) My Southern roots have made me a better hostess–I truly care if people have a great time at our home and want them to leave knowing that we really care about them. There’s just something about Southerners; they really know how to entertain with class.

14) To get physically, psychologically and spiritually inspired, I go to our home in the mountains. Nothing inspires me more than natural beauty and fresh air. The relaxed way of life allows me to fully recharge.

15) My top three travel essentials: My passport (because you never know), a great carry-on bag (I hate checking bags), and individual packets of peanut butter (I wish I was kidding).

16) When it comes to English royals, I’d choose Prince Harry all the way! He’s got a little spark…I like that!

17) Put this vacation hotspot on your Bucket List: Tahaa in French Polynesia is a place that we went on our honeymoon. It was the most magical place in the world–a very small island with only one hotel and the best coral reefs in all of French Polynesia for snorkeling, sailing, crystal clear water. Romantic, private, and the best part? There’s no cell/internet service there, so you really can escape. Have I sold you yet?

18) Marriage has made me more independent because I know that there is always someone at home that has my back.

19) For ladies who are afraid to say goodbye to singledom, and hello to marriage, my best advice: If you aren’t ready, don’t get married. However, when you do,  it is so important that you have your own lives. Keep your weekly girl time, find a project that excites you, have a fabulous hobby (yes, baking counts). You realize that you don’t have to spend 24/7 with your significant other, and that’s ok.

20) The most essential way to “make life beautiful” is: Be happy, laugh, and smile often!

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3 Responses to “Maven of the Month: Kris Schoels”

  1. The Cotton Wife

    Great article! Kris is beautiful inside and out and super-duper talented to boot!

  2. La Diva Cucina

    GREAT post and good advice (from someone so young!) I’ll remember to try all tiers of cake at the next wedding I’m at! Cheers!

  3. Kimberly Belle

    Thanks for all the awesome comments friends! Keep ‘em coming…it makes me SOOOOO happy to hear from you, and I’ll be sure to share your love with Kris. She rocks!

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