Thursday, May 12, 2011

NYC Restaurant Review: Amor y Amargo

Untitled from Kimberly Belle on Vimeo.

First a Food Maven and now a Foodista! I’ve been selected as today’s “Drink Blog of the Day” at Swing by their homepage to see my profile, check out my full list of the Top 20 Spring-Forward Cocktail Bars in the city, and get two original recipes for shaking things up behind the bar this Spring. To celebrate this chef-inspired cocktail occasion, I’m reviewing the only known amaro-centric bar in the business. Just click the video screen above to get my 4-star rating for this East Village gem and Drink it Up!

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2 Responses to “NYC Restaurant Review: Amor y Amargo”

  1. Inma

    Hi! I just discovered your site while looking for info about pizza in NYC and it is really great, mouthwatering! Regards from Spain.

  2. Kimberly Belle

    Gracias, Inma!!! I’m sending you all my best foodie well wishes form abroad. Hope you make it over here to taste test some of NYC’s very best pizza spots…you won’t be disappointed!

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