10. Free Wifi Hotspots in NYC (Part II) What makes any list even better? When it comes in two parts, giving you not only more to choose from but even more inspiration! If you’re feeling cooped up and housebound this winter, and are still in need for new, free wifi hotspots, take a gander through my list for a place to roost.

9. Pizza Field Notes, by Celest
Having my Tribe write on my site is totally flattering, and I feel truly blessed to have such amazing, talented friends. So, it was no surprise that readers adored Celest’s Pizza Field Notes; everyone is always searching for the best slice, especially in this discriminating city. As the pizza war wages on, a post like this one begs debate–but that’s part of the fun.

8. Market Report: Smashed
I’ve said it many times before, but staying in during the cold winter months and indulging in comfort-chic foods is up there with a shoe sale in terms of pure enjoyment for me. Rereading this post inspired me to whip up my bourbon-braised truffle smashed potatoes this past Christmas. Nothing says comfort like smashed potatoes (and bourbon, as Mr. Mixologist would agree).

7. Free Wifi Hotspots in NYC (Part I)
Anything free in this city is like a rare collector’s item, so readers jumped at the first installment of this post listing free wifi hotspots all over the city. Not only can you use this list to be productive, but each location offers better-than-average food to snack on while you work. Free trade coffee, anyone?

6. Market Report: Squashed
It wasn’t a surprise that readers enjoyed my Market Report on butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash. This trifecta is so versatile and comforting, and now that the cold season is upon us, I look forward to trips to the market to pick up one of winter’s best gifts.

5. Market Report: Butter Me Up
I’m no stranger to dairy, but making my own butter brings me not only a sense of accomplishment but also satisfies my taste buds every time. I was overjoyed that this post became so popular, and set a new generation a’churning.

Photo courtesy of Max Lau

4. Nesting
One of the best accessories is toast. Buttered, be-jammed, spread with dips and topped with paté, the possibilities are endless–making it a perfect catering food. One of my personal favorites, Quail Egg Toast, is spread with ‘nduja, a spicy “liquid” sausage that packs a wallop of flavor. As the nights get colder, these make the perfect anytime snack while nesting.

3. Strawberry Shortcakes
After blowing out all 32 candles on my delicious birthday cupcake tower, I was inspired to reinvigorate and re-imagine the mini cupcake. With spring looming, I decided on bite-sized strawberry shortcaks: tiny, sweet and tasting of spring, it’s hard to stop at just one!

Photo courtesy of Paul Christopher Williams

2. Champignon, je t’aime
Almost every gal dreams of walking the streets of Paris, as I did so many years ago. But no matter how much time passes, there are always sights, smells and tastes that will bring you back to certain memories. I got lost in my personal Parisian memories when I made mushroom bruschetta on a rainy day in March.

1. Not so Mellow Jell-o
Who would have thought that such an easy, quick recipe (it’s JELL-O, for heaven’s sake!) would have been the most viewed post of the entire year! Sometimes simple and traditional are what works best, and my classic-with-a-twist Jell-O Shots seemed to fit the bill perfectly. A childhood favorite–make that a college dorm favorite–made modern and boozed up, may have been 2010′s the very Best of Belle!

To see Part I of The Best of Belle 2010, click here.

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