Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old…

Tis the season to take stock of the year that has gone by and gear up for new foodie fads ahead. Over the next few weeks, I’ll look back at my best posts from 2010, and make predictions for enduring food trends you can expect to grace our kitchens, tables and menus in 2011. Around the city and across the country, it’s time to wish this holiday season adieu and welcome a year that is entirely new! But first, it’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m Phishing with Mr. Mixologist at Madison Square Garden tonight. Wherever you find yourselves as the ball counts down the final seconds of all that is “out with the old,” enjoy tasty tidings of all that is ushered “in with the new” and Eat it Up!

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2 Responses to “Out with the old…”

  1. mama

    What a beautiful tree and you too!!! mama

  2. Bells

    Beautiful. Miss you tons.
    I love that the Christmas decor hasnt changed one single bit since we were kids.
    Great photos!

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