Friday, October 1, 2010

Season-a-Belle: Spring Recipe eBook

I am not one of those people who are always late. In the catering business, you can’t be. I learned early on the importance of schedules, timeliness, preparation, and forethought; without punctuality, I’d never have gotten very far. And without Erin, I’d never be punctual. When you’re throwing a party, twenty minutes can mean the difference between success and disaster, and having an Event Coordinator (and best friend!) like Erin means never straying from the stated schedule (or facing the wrath of her clipboard and whistle).

That said, I will admit to an occasional lapse of punctuality on the personal side. It obviously isn’t spring outside; the leaves are changing, the winds are blowing cooler, and pumpkins have begun to replace plums at the market. It’s not that I’ve been ignoring the issue. It’s just that I was stuck. Technical issues, let’s say. The Season-a-Belle: Spring eBook, the second in a series of recipe eBooks that I’d planned to post in June, was just not working. Can I blame an inanimate object for my lateness with this? I think so.

At long last, after some technical fiddliwinks, the Spring eBook is ready for download. It’s completely free, and contains every one of my spring recipes, plus mouthwatering photos. Save it, print it, mark it up or bookmark it, but whatever you do, make sure to check back next spring for an updated version (and stay tuned for the Summer eBook, which I’ll post this fall – I promise)!

Despite the delay, I think this eBook comes at a very appropriate time. Just last week I celebrated the 3rd Birthday of my Blog, and the recipes I’ve shared with y’all over the past few years have been my personal faves. These eBooks will, I hope, make it even easier for you to use these recipes at home to prepare some of my most coveted meals. And though spring is long past, many of these recipes are not. Spring rolls, anyone?

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