Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall for The Dinner Belle, By Erin

Autumn is awesome. Sure, summer is sizzling, winter’s a wonder, and spring is sweet, but fall is fetching, fall is fragrant…     fall is foodalicious. I’m sure the fact that I’m a born and bred New Englander makes me nostalgic for the changing leaves, crisp air and homemade applesauce, but I think there’s also something special in the air. At the risk of sounding like a complete cheese ball, I think it’s love that’s whistling though the wind this time of year. After all, I did fall in love with my man in the fall, Kimberly and I fell in love with catering and created The Dinner Belle in the fall, and I continue to have a love affair with candy corn each and every October, much to Kimberly’s (and my dentist’s) chagrin. Not only that, but thousands of couples each and every year exchange vows during this lush season. I should know because I am either attending or catering a wedding every weekend this month! Kimberly and I actually just returned from windy Newport, Rhode Island, where we attended an extravagant wedding for one of our favorite Dinner Belle employees aboard a luxurious yacht called The World. Despite the fact that we had trouble locating the exact port where the yacht was docked, ended up running up and down the pier in our long black designer gowns and stilettos, and thus were an hour late to arrive (and very windblown), we reveled in all the love that surrounded our dear friend aboard the ship, and stole a few good catering ideas (I’m still dreaming about the mini ice cream cone dessert bar)!

But before I go on and on with wedding talk, let’s back up a few months. When last you left me, we were coming off of a very busy spring season and looking forward to the sunny months ahead. I must say that those warm days were peppered with some very cool events, including a few backyard BBQ’s, an in-house Bachelorette party at Journelle, and an out of town Anniversary Party in Kimberly’s hometown of Buffalo, a trip which we capped off with an adventure packed outing to Niagara Falls!

Back in Brooklyn, my man officially moved in and we’ve been busy renovating our living space, cooking meals for one another and doing our best to compromise on our DVR selections (Top Chef is thankfully one show we both agree on). Truth be told, this living with your lover thing is better than I could have imagined, though we both work from home and I am just dreaming about the day I’ll have a real office all of my own. Hopefully that’s not too far in the future, as Kimberly and I are actively on the hunt for a new commercial space, which will not only serve as the prep kitchen for all of our off-premise events, but also house our very own tasting room which we’ll rent out to private clients and use to self-produce events, all the while launching the city’s first, legal Underground Supper Club! You and your friends will be able to buy tickets to attend dinners where you’ll mingle among complete strangers, or you can book the entire table for a night and fill it with your closest comrades to help celebrate that extra special occasion. We have a lot of work ahead of us to realize this dream, but are bursting with excitement and confidence that this leap is right around the corner.

A first step in realizing this dream is to host our first tasting event for potential investors on October 28th. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about The Dinner Belle’s expansion plans and would like to request a copy of our business plan, please email me at, and I’d be more than happy to let you in on all of our exciting new developments.

Photo Courtesy of Christine Tsai

In the meantime, let’s fall back to weddings for a moment. The Dinner Belle is thrilled to be working with so many beautiful couples, creating custom menus that reflect their personalities and backgrounds, and making their special days as unique and fabulous as we possibly can. While Kimberly and I have been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of inquires we’ve been receiving for Fall of 2011 (smart brides always plan way in advance!), we’re especially excited for one wedding event in particular which we’ll be catering later this month at our favorite NYC venue, 632 on Hudson. We’ll begin with a cocktail hour featuring a selection of seasonal passed canapés followed by a trio of stationary “small plate” buffets, including the Bridal BBQ (sliders, mini dogs and mac ‘n’ cheese), The Groom’s Exotic Gamble (spicy chicken satay (pictured), three cheese chili quesadillas and bite-size BLT’s), and the Matrimonial Mélange (our classic Charcuterie paired with decadent platters of caprese salad stacks and boundless baskets of savory baked goods). We’ll also be slicing up a dragon studded wedding cake and offering handmade chocolate truffles and miniature cupcakes for dessert.

Coming up in November, we’ll be catering a top-secret retail store launch in Soho, a Jungle themed Baby Shower uptown, and we have a bevy of corporate cocktail parties already up our sleeves. Now more than ever is the time to send us your inquiries and request a custom proposal. Whether it’s for your company’s holiday mixer or your own private in-house affair, we will come to your apartment, office or country home, and using local, seasonal fare, offer either full-service or drop-off menu options hand-crafted to suit your tastes and budget. Kimberly and I are poised and ready to tackle this season and make it our busiest and most lucrative one yet, and we’re willing to work with any headcount, so long as it meets our 1K minimum.

To prove how serious we are, we’d like to offer you a little incentive. I know we could all use a little extra cash around the holidays, so we’d like to present you with our newest sales initiative we’re calling “The Dinner Belle’s Deal for Dough.” We want you to help us fill our holiday calendar by putting us in touch with anyone you know throwing a party this season. All you have to do is refer us to a potential client by sending an introductory email to or calling me at 917-538-2985. I’ll take it from there, and if we end up booking the event, and it takes place by the end of 2010, we’ll throw $100 cash your way! That’s cashmere for Mom instead of cotton, dinner at Balthazar instead of Schillers, or even an upgrade on that bottle of bubbly you’ll pop on New Year’s Eve!

This exciting program starts now, so we look forward to getting your referrals and inquiries, and wish to thank you in advance for helping The Dinner Belle achieve the windfall we need to make our expansion dreams a reality!

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2 Responses to “Fall for The Dinner Belle, By Erin”

  1. Monica

    Beautiful images! And I am totally with you on how wonderful it is living with your one and only.. it makes compromising fun :)
    Monica x

  2. Kimberly Belle

    Why Thank you, Monica! Buffalo can be quite beautiful in the fall, as Erin found out in her most recent visit. She is over the moon with her man having moved in, and what’s that saying? Compromise is the art of love? XO

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