Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Feasting with The Dinner Belle

Last week we sent summer packing and took a look back at my favorite spring recipes, but this week is all about autumn. Outside, it smells like fall, it feels like fall, and though the leaves haven’t yet tuned crimson shades of rust and red, pumpkins have begun to pop their ginger heads at farmers’ markets round town; dried decorative gourds have begun their beckoning harvest rattle, and with The Dinner Belle gearing up for seasonal weddings, launch parties and the very first holiday soirees in the city, the return of foods like apples, pears and grapes signals that outside, it tastes like fall too. Fall feasting has begun, and you can expect restaurants and markets worth their salt, to commence the transition from fried zucchini blossoms to butternut squash soup any day now. To tempt your palette and inspire your next kitchen creation, I’ve posted a new autumnal slideshow on my blog and at Watch the show, read my fall menus, and take a peak at what the harvest season has to offer hungry New Yorkers in need of a catered fete. We’re already booking the many celebrations worthy of toasting through the year’s end, so if you’re interested in making an inquiry, ring our “belle” and Eat it Up!

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