Friday, July 23, 2010

Snotty McSnobster (Revealed)

How do you score the best table at Restaurant Daniel? Should you grease your Maître D? What the hell is a Maître D? Snotty McSnobster has all the answers. Self described as the most powerful Maître D in the city (and it could well be true!), Snotty recently went on tape with Josh Ozersky to film an interview on Ozersky.TV from Vimeo. I’ve posted it here for you to check out the Snobster in full suited action. Joking aside, the man is as sharp as he looks, and no one knows more about playing host to the glitterati in New York’s legacy restaurant scene than Snotty. Get a crash course in funny business from the face at the front-of-the-house and Eat it Up!

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One Response to “Snotty McSnobster (Revealed)”

  1. dmanburger

    Love this Kimberly !very cool :)

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