I’m just back in the Big Apple after an extended wedding weekend in Vermont, where I baked and assembled a tower of 250 cocktail-inspired cupcakes cupcakes (think Brandy Alexanders, Bourbon Manhattans and Carmel Cappuccino Creams)! Sorting through my many wedding photos I got to thinking about all the travel images I collected this past Spring, but did not have time nor room enough to post. Some of them are too good to pass up, so I’ve decided to start a new Seasonal Slide Show Series. This being the first of the batch, it’s a collection of my foodie travels from the New Year through my springtime adventures down South. Enjoy scrolling through my movable feast and Eat it Up!

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One Response to “A Moveable Feast: Adventures with the FOOD Maven”

  1. Bells & family

    I miss you more than words can say. Great pictures. Hope to see you soon. Love you. xoxox

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