Still bouncing off my summer buzz of everything USA—Team USA, 4th of July, vacas to Vermont, Newport and Colorado, and a recent bike ride over the bridge and into Billyburg for spectacular soul food at Pies ‘n’ Thighs—I decided to co-host a polka-dot themed girl’s night with my Tribe. Using Nini’s apartment and my fervor […]

How do you score the best table at Restaurant Daniel? Should you grease your Maître D? What the hell is a Maître D? Snotty McSnobster has all the answers. Self described as the most powerful Maître D in the city (and it could well be true!), Snotty recently went on tape with Josh Ozersky to […]

July 20th, 2010

Market Report: Blossoming

There is something both romantic and utterly decadent about eating flowers. From earthy saffron strands infusing basmati rice to dainty violets adorning sugary-sweet desserts, flowers are alluring and exotic, delicate, and like cherries, erotic. I adore summer salads decked with peppery nasturtiums, rose petal jam on Melba toast, even pansies and lavender. But too often […]

July 16th, 2010

More S’mores

I’ve said before that tomatoes, corn on the cob and and watermelon are my quintessential tastes of summer. They’re the barometers by which I gage summer’s seasonal produce, and they’re the foodie taste sensations I covet the rest of the year long. But I have also culled a list of summertime sweet treats that reside […]

I’m just back in the Big Apple after an extended wedding weekend in Vermont, where I baked and assembled a tower of 250 cocktail-inspired cupcakes cupcakes (think Brandy Alexanders, Bourbon Manhattans and Carmel Cappuccino Creams)! Sorting through my many wedding photos I got to thinking about all the travel images I collected this past Spring, […]

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