Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Wifi Hotspots in NYC (Part II)

13. Les Halles
When you’re tired of sweets and cappuccino, Les Halles will dish up hearty and delicious French brasserie fare to get you through that Excel spreadsheet. Just make sure you keep one hand free for the decadently messy Hamburger Rossini topped with foie gras terrine and red wine dip.

Locations: 15 John Street (between Broadway and Nassau) and 411 Park Ave South (between 28th and 29th Streets), Manhattan
Hours: Open seven days a week from 7:30am-12am
Standard Order: Gratinée des Halles $8.25, poulet rôti, frites $17.50

14. Marshall Stack
If it’s after 4pm and you’ve hit a patch of writer’s block, pack your Mac and head to the Lower East Side for some resuscitative drinks (beer and wine only). Despite the name, Marshall Stack is low key, as is their yummy bar menu of comfort foods like Sloppy Joes and English muffin pizza (made with only the best ingredients, of course).

Location: 66 Rivington Street (at Allen St), Manhattan
Hours: Mon-Thu 4pm-2am, Fri 4pm-4am, Sat 1pm-4am, Sun 1pm-2am
Standard Order: Sloppy joe sliders $6, duck club sandwich $11, Franziskaner Dunkelweisse $7

15. Mile End
Mile End, the best (only?) Canadian-style deli in New York City, has recently become famous for its Montreal-style smoked meat, akin to our pastrami, and bagels regularly imported from Quebec. A sacrilege, you say? Consider the fact that Mile End makes their smoked meat on site, and that it’s so good they need to regularly tweet their “meat status” to alert customers when they run out. Smoked meat starts at noon and is usually gone by 4pm.

Location: 97A Hoyt Street (between Atlantic and Pacific), Brooklyn
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-11pm, Sat-Sun 10am-11pm
Standard Order: Beef brisket on rye with mustard $8, poutine $8

16. Red Horse Café
This cozy Brooklyn favorite is as laid back as it gets. You can dawdle for hours in overstuffed leather armchairs, nursing a beer or coffee and munching on savory handpies from Windsor Terrace’s DUB Pies, watching the strollers roll by as your cursor blinks patiently. Just make sure your battery is charged on weekends when outlets are turned off, perhaps a subtle reminder that you should get out once in awhile. Red Horse also hosts movies, poetry nights, local musicians and artists.

Location: 497 6th Avenue (between 11th and 12th Streets), Brooklyn
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-10pm, Sat-Sun 8am-10pm
Standard Order: Medium iced coffee $2.50, curry chicken pie $5.25, chicken and grape salad sandwich $7

17. Schiller’s Liquor Bar
A Keith McNally classic, Schiller’s serves the sort of très chic comfort food that a Food Maven can really get behind. Though mobbed by night, Schiller’s by day is a lovely and cozy place to work. Curl up at the bar with a glass of wine people-watch while you procrastinate – er, concentrate.

Location: 131 Rivington Street (near Norfolk Street), Manhattan
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-12am, Fri-Sat 11am-3am, Sun 10am-1am.
Standard Order: Glass of Côtes-du-Rhone $7, watercress salad with beets $10, Croque Madame $10

18. Sugar Café
When Marshall Stack closes for the night, head up the street to Sugar Café, open 24 hours for your wifi-ing pleasure. The long, windowed room makes it even easier to spy on the late-night revelry outside while you nosh contentedly on a Red Velvet cupcake (or a veal lasagna).

Location: 200 Allen Street (at East Houston), Manhattan
Hours: 24 hours. Really.
Standard Order: Greek omelette $6.50, banana split $8

19. Tea Lounge
You may pass a few strollers on the way in, but the Tea Lounge is by no means a kid’s joint. With dozens of organic, eco-friendly teas, well-worn sofas, pastries and a bar for the truly grownups, the Lounge is a fixture in the Park Slope community and regularly hosts music in the evenings. Its location, directly across from the famous Food Co-op, only enhances its crunchy credibility.

Location: 837 Union Street (near 7th Avenue), Brooklyn
Hours: Sun-Thu 7am-1am, Fri-Sat 7am-2am
Standard Order: Tea pot for one $2.75, Turkish coffee $2.50

20. Think Coffee
Serving organic, Fair Trade, and shade-grown coffees roasted in Brooklyn, artisanal cheese and small-producer wines, Think Coffee is a natural fit for the socially-conscious NYU students who regularly fill its seats. Think also donates part of its proceeds to charity, meaning that you don’t have to feel guilty about that second latte made with milk from a local dairy – it’s all for a good cause.

Locations: 248 Mercer Street (between 3rd and 4th Streets); 1 Bleecker Street (at Bowery); 123 4th Avenue (between 12th and 13th Streets), Manhattan
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-11:30pm, Sat-Sun 8am-11:30pm
Standard Order: Double espresso $1.95, small cheese plate $12

21. Union Square Park (Greenmarket)
With local, organic produce, pastries, bread and cheese, tons of outdoor seating and a spectacular view, the only thing left to complain about is the capriciousness of the weather. When the sun is out, head to the Greenmarket and pick an apple and a bench. Your wallet will love you, as will the squirrels.

Location: Union Square Park, 14th Street (at Union Square West), Manhattan
Greenmarket Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 8am-6pm
Standard Order: Check WhatIsFresh to see what’s available each day

22. Whole Foods Tribeca
Don’t turn up your nose at Whole Foods, which has one of the largest wireless hotspots in the city on the second floor of their TriBeCa location. At 300 seats, you’re pretty much guaranteed a spot, and outlets are plentiful. Their SWEET café offers homemade pastries, local gelato and French press coffee; downstairs is a Middle Eastern café; and then there’s that whole grocery store full of food to choose from as well…

Location: 270 Greenwich Street (between Murray and Warren Streets), Manhattan
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 8am-11pm
Standard Order: Your shopping list

23. ‘wichcraft at Bryant Park
After a long day in the reading room of the New York Public Library, grab some fresh air in Bryant Park along with a meatloaf on ciabatta at Tom Colicchio’s homage to the not-so-humble sandwich. The whole park is a wifi hotspot, so just remember to keep the pigeons away from your ice cream’wich.

Location: Bryant Park, 6th Avenue (between 40th and 42nd Streets), Manhattan
Hours: Sandwich hours: Mon–Thu 11am–6:30pm, Fri–Sat 11am–6pm, Sun 11am–5pm; coffee hours: Mon–Fri 6:30am–8pm , Sat 9am–7pm, Sun 9am–5pm
Standard order: Smoked ham, avocado and butter on baguette $4.95, grilled mozzarella and fontina with tomato-olive preserves on country bread $5.95

*24. BarCar
Barcar won’t open until July, but since it’s from the proprietors of Snack and Snack Taverna, we can pretty much guarantee it will be a good thing. At a comparatively large 18 seats, it just remains to be seen whether they’ll carry over their signature Greek-inflected menu to the new space.

Location: 60 Bedford Street (at Morton Street), Manhattan
Hours: TBD
Standard Order: TBD, but we hope it includes souvlaki!

To read Part I of this list click here.

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  1. Christine

    Kimberly, these lists are awesome! Very handy. There’s a place I really like but it’s not in NYC – it’s all the way in Hoboken, NJ, on my side of the river. It’s called Frozen Monkey Cafe and they have yummy sandwiches and egg scrambles… AND the staff is super nice and doesn’t mind us using their WiFi for 8 hours straight.

  2. Christine

    Oh, sadness. I’ve just discovered the cafe went out of business….

  3. Kimberly Belle

    Thanks Christine! They took an eternity to compose, but I pan to refer back to them often whenever I’m hunting for Wifi. Too bad about your Hoboken haunt, but perhaps I’ll lure into the city with my suggestions. Xo

  4. alec

    Offers of Risk and intercourse still available in this thread.

  5. Natalie

    I’m a fan of the Housing Works cafe on Crosby Street. It’s a bit like a cave, and very quiet – a great place to concentrate. They have great brownies and a nice iced coffee. Plus, I’m pretty sure that everyone who works there is a volunteer, and all the proceeds go to fighting AIDS and homelessness. So you can replenish your body and your soul, and get some work done to boot. Not too shabby!

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