Friday, December 18, 2009

Season-a-Belle: Winter Recipe eBook

winterbookcover800Tis the season to be spending ungodly amounts of time and money shopping and baking. And in a recession, that just strikes me as unfair. The holidays can prove trying on your wallet, your rolling pin and your stamina, so looking for shortcuts becomes a fore-drawn conclusion. If the harried holiday hubbub has left you desperate for inspiration in the kitchen or under the tree, I’ve got your golden meal ticket.

The FOOD Maven to the rescue! I’ve just launched a new recipe feature on my blog called Season-a-Belle. Whether you’re a chef, cook, foodie or old-fashioned eater, if you’re reading this you know that every delectable dish begins with a recipe. Since its inception in 2007, has been home to my comfort-chic recipes, highlighting real foods and classic cocktails at their seasonal best. From gourmet to girl-next-door, these recipes are now available in downloadable, collectable, free eBooks!

Visit my new Recipes & Cookbooks webpage where you’ll find links to every single recipe I’ve posted over the last two years, as well as the Season-a-Belle: Winter eBook, which you can download free. Give it as a gift or keep it as reference tool in your home kitchen (or both). Either way, my homemade, hand-tested, Winter recipes are sure to help lighten your load, at this, the most “wonderful” time of the year.

I’ve made downloading easy with two simple one-click options for saving the Winter eBook to your home computer. Just follow the instructions to choose between a “Prettier, with Patience” version that boasts the eBook in its full-luster with a slower compression speed, or go the quick and easy route and download the “Faster, less Brilliant” version in a jiffy. You can also check out my catalog of Can’t Live Without Cookbooks, a collection of culinary literature that I personally vouch for as recommended reading for that impossible-to-please foodie on your list.

In the coming months, keep you eyes peeled and mouths watering as I release each season’s personalized eBook and Eat it Up!

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One Response to “Season-a-Belle: Winter Recipe eBook”

  1. Dara

    LOVE this ebook! It looks gorgeous and I cant wait to try out some of your recipes. MMMmmmmm! I made a blackout cake the other night- would highly suggest that to go with your peanut butter milk craving- which sounds a- mazing!! Merry Christmas!

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