Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Photo Courtesy of Cultivar

Photo Courtesy of Cultivar

Jamie Oliver has long been my favorite celebrity chef. He’s equal parts conscientious, wickedly skilled in the kitchen, fantastically inspired with his approach to food, and damn sexy. He has a food life worthy of envy that he’s undoubtedly earned through years of getting down to brass tacks both behind the stove and in front of the camera. And now, he’s taking his passion and his program stateside.

With a new cookbook and prime-time TV series set to air this winter on ABC, Jamie Oliver is poised to save the American kitchen, in quite the same way he saved the British school lunch program. By spreading the gospel on the real life dangers of processed foods and encouraging families to devote the time, money and love necessary to prepare natural, healthful, gorgeously delicious and relatively simple meals for one another. Jamie’s taking on our national junk food addiction and hoping to organize a food revolution to battle what I call An(other) Inconvenient Truth, or the reality that, just as global warming may be killing the planet, fast food is killing the people who live on it.

In my view, there’s no better television personality to shake up the substandard status quo that has become the American diet, than a naturally effusive Brit with a broad, easy smile and a contagious enthusiasm for living and cooking out loud. If you agree, or at the very least, would like the opportunity to judge for yourself, help bring Jamie’s show to broadcast and impress upon our politicians the very real need for real food by signing this petition. Jamie’s currently shooting in Huntington, West Virginia, a city slammed with the title, “the most unhealthy city in America.” To help turn it around, and inspire us all to turn our own food lives toward progress, Jamie leaves us with this message:

The American food revolution needs to start now! If you care about your country and the health of its children please help us make a difference. We need your support to get people back in touch with food and keep cooking skills alive before it’s too late. We want to make sure every kid gets good fresh food at school. It’s proven that real food promotes more effective learning. If you want better health for your kids the junk must go. I need to be able to show your government and Congress how many of you out there really care about this issue so please don’t wait, sign up today. It will only take 30 seconds.

America’s health needs you!

Thank you and please forward this to your friends, family, classmates, teachers, colleagues, anyone else who you think cares as time is short.

From one foodie to another, I ask you to think it over and Eat it Up!

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3 Responses to “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”

  1. Roy

    Thanks again for being a harbinger of truth on this very important front. All of the wealth and stuff that we have as a nation means nothing if we can’t live well enough to enjoy it. There are actually people here that eat over 2000 calories a day that exhibit symptoms of malnutrition because their diets are so bad. I am glad that you are helping to wake us up.

  2. Tim Foster

    He recently made a series called ‘Jamie’s American Roadtrip’ which aired here (in the UK) this Autumn. It was, as the man himself might say, quality: he visited some of the most marginalised and deprived communities in America to find out how food helps bind them together in the face of adversity. Tasty dishes and fascinating social commentary. For anyone interested stateside, it may be possible – licences permitting – for you to view the series through the ‘Channel 4 on Demand’ website ( just search for ‘Jamie’s American Roadtrip’ in the programme finder field of the homepage.

    Anyway, I hope his campaign to launch an ‘American Food Revolution’ goes well!

  3. Kimberly Belle

    Ciao boys, thanks for the shout-out and the recommendation! I will absolutely track down “Jamie’s American Roadtrip”, and hope I can count on you both help spread the gospel on Real Foods. XO

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