Friday, September 25, 2009

Market Report: Your Melon Moment

Photo Courtesy of Marie Iannotti

Photo Courtesy of Marie Iannotti

Imagine this: you’re at a stiff party, undoubtedly a little bored, and you notice someone striking standing across the room. He may also be bored, out of place, but he’s your kind of “out of place,” so you feel a sort of kinship to this odd man out. He’s Sean Penn at a Heritage Foundation Fundraiser, not Jack Black at a piano concerto. Wait. Why are you at a Heritage Foundation Fundraiser anyway? Never mind, the point is you are, and so is he.

You think you’d like to go say hello, but not now, not right this minute. The night is young, and you’ve got plenty of time to work up the courage to approach your sure-to-be soul mate, or better yet, cast enough glances his way to get him to approach you. But suddenly, without warning, one thing leads to another and the next time you look up, he’s putting on his coat, heading out early, never to be seen again. You didn’t rush in, so you totally lost out. It’s like that old saying: you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.

It’s a good adage to keep in mind, and not just for party-going singles, but also for those of you who value sweet, seasonal produce. This week especially, the sweet treat to savor is summer melons. Deliciously succulent cantaloupes, gargantuan crenshaws and ostrich-egg sized honeydews are about to go the way of that striking guy standing in the corner – gone! So before they do, head to your local farmers’ market and scoop up these melt-in-your-mouth melons just dying to be lugged home and thrown into fruit salads, breakfast smoothies, chilled soups or devoured plain Jane style…just slice ‘em up and eat ‘em raw. While the season for most melons typically extends into October, the last harvest of these summer treats is likely just around the corner.

Now, that’s not to suggest that it’s all doom and gloom come fall. We have a few solid months of the bountiful autumnal harvest to look forward to before winter wipes our markets of their abundance. I just don’t want you to miss the boat. Be bold and claim your melon moment, or else the next time you look up, lots of your favorite fruits and vegetables may have already grabbed their coats and disappeared.

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2 Responses to “Market Report: Your Melon Moment”


    WELL MY FAVORITE MELON is the one on top of your head..
    but hahah i love this so funny… hahahah bye bye soul mate hahahaha

    Oh honey dew i love it and i juice it wait ostrich sized uhm she digs into her brain is that small? yeah right uhm is it where do i get those.

    oh i am going to buy a honey dew now im juicing today no solids … aww man at least we can love on the fall apples non so…

  2. Bells & family

    The old saying is very true…..we will definitely be going out to get the last of our summer fresh veggies and fruits before they are gone while anxiously awaiting what fall (and your blog) has to offer…


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