Tuesday, September 29, 2009

101 Tidbits About Belle (Part II)

supper_club_union_square-20751. I’m a great hostess. Great.
52. I hate the new trend of stem-less stemware! What’s the point of champagne if there’s no beautiful glass from which to sip it?
53. Yes, I always want more bread! Or chips, as the case may be.
54. I think my nose is too big, my arms are too skinny, but my smile is just right.
55. On balance, I think a little vanity is a good thing. And I call mine self-esteem.
56. For my money, a New Yorker is anyone who would rather live here than anywhere else in the world.
57. But I dream of having a second home in Northern California
58. I support everyone’s right to live their lives as they see fit. But in my heart, I feel bewildered by (and a little hostile toward) vegans.
59. HBO!
60. I like spicy on my plate and in my bed.
61. I agree with Alice Waters, “Good food should be a right, not a privilege.”
62. I generally prefer 2-star restaurants to 4.
63. I’m terrible with technology and worse with customer service representatives.
64. Just as Sally Field, I like to be liked.
65. I’m a “democratic dater.” This means I go out with a lot of different types of men…and they better be Democrats.
66. “We were meant for each other” is bullshit; the right relationship is merely a matter of timing it right.
67. That said, I believe in love at first sight.
68. I don’t read fashion magazines; I don’t even like shopping. I like getting.
69. During a fight, an ex once exclaimed about me: “You’re nothing but a bohemian temptress!” For the life of me, I cannot recall a greater compliment.
70. I wear “Obsession” by Calvin Klein. And Mac hates it. And I don’t give a shit.
71. You can’t buy taste.
72. I know why people love Brooklyn. I really do get it. But don’t try to convince me that borough is better than Manhattan. Can’t it just be better for you?
73. I’m a total comfort snob. And when I’m uncomfortable, I’m cranky.
74. I work to live, not the other way around.
75. Much to Erin’s chagrin, I’m terrible at poker.
76. I always plan to go to yoga.
77. My local bar is Employees Only. Sometimes I wear flip-flops, sometimes I wear feathers.
78. I love living in a city of walkers, and I consider it my exercise and civic participation to put my heels to the pavement…whenever I’m not running so late I have to take a cab.
79. I love the theatre. And there’s no better show in town than the Waverly Inn.
80. Fruit is not dessert.
81. My Tribe would attest, I’m a terrific listener and fiercely loyal to my friends.
82. “Casablanca.” Love. “Goonies.” Love even more.
83. I own, and wear, a white vintage mink coat, and I’m not sorry.
84. I also own, and wear, a Buffalo Bills “Starters” jacket (red, blue, huge logo, very puffy) from the 1990’s. Go Bills!
85. “Dark and Stormy” is a choice cocktail, but a bad choice in boyfriends.
86. I don’t love Chinese food. All other Asian cuisine yes, but dim sum doesn’t do it for me.
87. Great conversation is the best aphrodisiac…
88. …oysters are a close second.
89. I’m a “Sex and the City” fan, but I’m no Carrie Bradshaw.
90. Just because you grow up somewhere cold doesn’t mean you feel less cold, or “can handle it” when it’s fucking freezing outside.
91. I never leave a mess in my apartment. My life is sometimes wild, but I have to come home to order.
92. I was not a cheerleader in high school. Think: drama geek, community club, honor’s society, varsity field hockey starting center.
93. Let’s be honest, I’m not a great driver. I get lost five blocks away from the house I grew up in. It annoys my brother, who thinks I do it for attention.  But I don’t. I do a lot of other things for attention.
94. Men and women are not equal; they are equally esteemed.
95. Dry sherry is a wonder to me. Perfect as an aperitif, perfect as a digestif, and somehow the cheapest spirit on any drink menu!
96. I almost always add more salt.
97. Pot is good. All-Clad pots, better.
98. Roma over Paris. Positano over Cannes. Experience over things
99. …but if you wanna buy me a pair of Christian Louboutin’s, I welcome the experience.
100. Seasonal always. Organic preferable. Local if at all possible.
101. I know it’s nuts, but I don’t like ice cream.

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11 Responses to “101 Tidbits About Belle (Part II)”

  1. Bells & family

    I truly enjoyed reading your tidbits, Belle, and I did know many of them and agree with #90. And expecially agree with #81. Yuo are a truly amazing friend. I miss you like crazy and hope to see you soon. Love you. Bells.

  2. puja

    i would certainly NOT have pegged you for a girl who doesn’t like ice cream. my little brother used to ask for ice cream as a kid and then complain it was too cold :)

  3. Crystal

    If I may be so bold, I would like to add tidbit 102 for you. “I like to put pictures of myself up as much as possible so people know how pretty I think I am”

  4. mama

    Crystal – comment was mean. You are pretty and you should show off.

  5. Kimberly Belle

    Crystal, as a tribute, tidbit 103: “I am a creature of logic and a pursuer of joy.” If nothing else, I think I look damn joyful in that photo, and posting it is merely a matter of logical persuasion. I don’t know if I’m pretty, but I am proud. If you understood either, you wouldn’t waste your time spreading animosity and pain. Use the boldness you claim to follow your joy; I do, and I am a better person for it. Puja, Mamma, and Bells, thanks for the love, thank you for you. XO

  6. Kate (Southern Belle)

    Stop being a “hater” with nothing else to do Crystal. Kimberly is pretty! Bet she’s pretty on the inside too :) I also bet she rocked her sassy smox this week. Hope it went well, belle! Sassy Salutations…

  7. Gustaf

    I love pictures of pretty things… food, art and
    of course the Food Maven ;)

  8. Christine

    How can someone who makes such incredible caramel ice cream NOT like ice cream??

  9. Kimberly Belle

    I know, Christine. I’m totally nuts! It’s nonsensical, but I don’t like ice cream. Just take away my Food Maven title, and shoot me now.

  10. Mercedes

    Thank jebus, another soul on this planet that doesn’t like ice cream. The looks on people’s faces when you tell this “atrocity” is unbelievable!

    I reckon it has something to do with my hate of the cold…

  11. Kimberly Belle

    Ciao Mercedes, I feel your pain! Keep fighting the good “I love sweets, sans ice cream” fight. There must be more of us out there! XO

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