Wednesday, September 23, 2009

101 Tidbits About Belle (Part I)

belleToday marks my blog’s Two Year Anniversary! To celebrate, I’m offering up 101 fun facts you still might not know about me two years in…

1. “Crave” is my favorite word. And my favorite feeling.
2. I’m liberal, in my pour and in my politics.
3. I firmly believe there’s no inherent value in being a morning person
4. …and brunch is always better than breakfast anyway.
5. I live in a 5th floor walk-up, so I never feel guilty about buttering my bread.
6. I would not press rewind on my life; I like now.
7. I make up song lyrics, and then start to believe mine are the real ones.
8. Every day should come complete with a cocktail, an orgasm, and an optional cheese course.
9. I thought rainy days were romantic until I moved to London, where they were just wet.
10. I don’t gush over babies.
11. I gush over the baby octopus at Peasant.
12. I’m not a dog person, unless it’s a Hebrew National.
13. My favorite season is fall. I’m a New Yorker; it’s inevitable.
14. I love picnics. Not camping.
15. If a man asks, “So what do you do?” within the first hour of meeting me, I know he’s not the right guy. It’s the most banal question in existence. If he asks, “What really gets you excited?” I’ll probably take him home.
16. I’m comfortable in heels; in fact, I prefer them.
17. I was in AmeriCorps.
18. I still keep a poem an ex wrote for me, in a frame. It’s a great poem; he was a great big mess.
19. I fear being ordinary.
20. I never find bodily-function-humor funny. It embarrasses me.
21. My favorite food is cheese generally, and Mozzarella di Bufala specifically.
22. My only other love that trumps mozzarella might be Taleggio, my cat.
23. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like French fries.
24. I’ve missed flights. Multiple.
25. My voice has been described as “sing-songy.” (But trust me, I’m no great singer.)
26. I adore big personalities, like big, California fruit-bomb chardonnays.
27. I always thought “The Sun Also Rises” had the all-time best anticlimactic story ending. Until my favorite television show ended and we all wondered what was up with the guy in the Members Only jacket.
28. I don’t hate tourists. Who can blame them for wanting to visit New York?
29. “Ciao” is my telephone sign-off of choice. With no apology.
30. Thomas Friedman, Bill Maher, and Michael Pollan are my Holy Trinity.
31. I can’t pull all-nighters. I’m a total pussy when it comes to sleep.
32. I spend indulgently on specialty foods, not fashion labels. I’d treat myself to a wedge of aged cheddar over a new wedge sandal any day.
33. My favorite color is “public pool.” You know the shade: it’s splashed all over my blog and website.
34. Flying solo is a point of pride. I don’t need a date or a pal to have a night on the town.
35. I love being read to, and bedtime stories take the cake.
36. I believe in the Italian art of “adventura:” to adventure or stroll through life, especially when life takes you down a cobblestone lane after a big meal.
37. Offal is often awful, but who can refuse fried sweet breads?
38. In fact, anything breaded and fried sounds great to me.
39. I refuse to have bad hair days. There is such a thing as the perfect ponytail.
40. Bitter for my tongue (Campari, Amaro, Danish licorice). Sweet for my lips (soft, wet, up against a brick wall).
41. I cannot read or pronounce French. If they are food words, I know what they mean, but I can’t say them.
42. I’d rather be a lady among men than one of the guys.
43. In college, I had Woody Allen’s “Why is life worth living” monologue from “Manhattan” as my answering machine message.
44. Two nights in a year, I come home too drunk to wash my face before going to bed. Otherwise, it’s a religion.
45. I make flirting a sport.
46. I share my vino of choice with Thomas Keller: Napa Valley Red Zin.
47. Not only do I believe in chivalry, I require it. And no, it does not compromise my feminism.
48. I know what’s missing from New York nightlife right now is a great place to dance. I would have been dynamite at Studio 54!
49. I sleep with my teddy bear…and if he don’t like it, he can get going.
50. For body balance, there are times I eat for my stomach and times I eat for my mouth…but I always prefer the latter!

To be continued

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5 Responses to “101 Tidbits About Belle (Part I)”

  1. Kimberly Belle

    Ladies, thanks for all the shout outs and sorry this comment box wasn’t working for you! It’s up now for anyone else who might want to share their thoughts. Keep the community comin’!!! XO

  2. James Heffron

    I don’t like French fries. Well, ok, I do kinda like the ones at Houston’s when they’re dipped in mayo mixed with hot sauce but, generally, no, I’m a ‘sub-for-the-salad’ type of guy! Very cute blog, Ms. Belle. Ciao for now!

  3. Kimberly Belle

    James, I remember many a night at Pravda in the 90s getting down on exactly that: French fries with your classic mayo & tabasco combo!!! So there’s no denying your French fry feasting days! XO

  4. mama

    I learned a few tidbits about you. But not as many as you would have thought. I can’t wait for the next 50. luv u mama

  5. Lee

    When I read about the Campari after a long list of other “don’t you just love this girl” thoughts, I knew there was a reason our universes collided!

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