Friday, July 10, 2009

I have not been honest with you.

Dear Reader,

img_7828I have a confession to make. I have not been honest with you, or more to the point, I have not told you the whole truth. I’ve been keeping secrets.

For the past seven months I’ve been running around town catering and cavorting, writing about my escapades in eating both real food and junk food, and rushing off to gourmet getaways in Chicago, Mexico, Napa and Miami, like some spoiled Food Maven with a bottomless expense account. Trust me, there is no expense account. There’s something even better!

I’ve taught cooking lessons in Chelsea, filmed video webisodes at Bar Carrera, even baked 7,000 cookies with Erin for the Topshop launch event. My Tribe and I edited together seven different “Lists to Live By” for New York City foodies, including suggestions for the best Green Grub-Hubs, Manhattan Coffee Sips, and Late Night Hotspots…I promise more to come (and in this you can trust)! I’ve griped about this season’s dismal rain and the luxury foods tax on Roquefort cheese, glowed about Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden and the fact that a record number of college students are going organic, by accepting summer internships on small farms across the country, but all this time I’ve omitted one glaring, glorious, gargantuan fact:

I am in love.

The truth is, I returned home last month packing more than just bottles of cult cab, an autographed copy of Food, Inc. narrator, Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, and a major jonesing for Cal-Mex. The truth is, I came back from California wildly, happily, tremendously in love with a man who loves me back.

The truth is also, that he will never be a character on this blog. He will be a character in my life, one I might gush over, whine about, or tease from post to post, but he’ll never have his bio placarded up for all to see. Why not? Because it’s scary enough to love someone and open your heart to the biggest vulnerability the fates ask us to face. I share my relationship with food for all, but only this man gets all of me. To put it another way, as my Grandma Lipstick would say, “Who needs it?”

Not I. But I will grant you this – three tiny tidbits of info to keep your curiosities at bay:

1) He does not live in New York. Hence, all the travel.
2) He’s amazing in the kitchen, and no, he’s not a chef, but we found each other through food.
3) I call him Mac.

Grandma’s right, I don’t need the pressure of posting my heart on this page, and yet dear reader, I think you deserve the truth. So there you have it. It’s official. I’ve even changed my Facebook status.

Kimberly Belle

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5 Responses to “I have not been honest with you.”

  1. Svetlana

    Good for you, Kimberly! Even more excuses to go eat great food on the West Coast, no? Funny how it works: a foodie would never fall in love with a non-foodie……. men who are great in the kitchen are dead sexy.

  2. mama

    It’s about time you came clean. The best honest blog in the world except when blogging about your bro. luv ya mama

  3. Kimberly Belle

    I like a clean conscience and a dirty martini! It’s that simple. Thanks for your support ladies. XO

  4. KATHY


  5. Bells & family

    Very well said! We are so happy for you!!!
    I agree with Svetlana — men who are great in the kitchen are dead sexy (next to a man in uniform of course!!)
    Love you.

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