belle_last_shoot-small1511. Best Catering Company Gone Restaurant: The Green Table
Located in the Chelsea Markets and associated with The Cleaver Co., this spot seats famously intimate meals with the likes of the Dali Lama and Martin Scorcese. Known for their eye-candy and taste bud-pleasing food that satisfies. They are one of the top three green caterers in NYC, hailed by the likes of NY Mag and The Times. All greens come from Satur farm.

Location: Chelsea Markets, 75 9th Ave (Chelsea)
Kitchen Hours: Sun 11am-5pm, Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm
Standard Order: Harvest Salad $9

12. Best Green Cream: Grom
They’re super cool for my green list because they refuse to use any flavorings, colorings, or preservatives at all! They use only fresh, real fruit grown on the Mura Mura farm in Italy, and they purport to use “a type of farming with zero environmental impact, using old production methods, respectful (and a bit fearful …) of Mother Nature’s needs.” In other words, they strive for the highest quality ingredients for all their gelato flavors while giving some love back to the ultimate Italian Mamma, the earth. No wonder they’re also a big favorite of Celest’s.

Location: 233 Bleeker and 2165 Broadway (West Village & UWS)
Kitchen Hours: varies per season (during winter) daily Sun-Thurs 12pm-11pm; Fri-Sat 12pm-12am and Sun-Fri 10am-11pm; Sat 12pm-11pm respectively
Standard Order: try the flavor of the month!! Small $4.75

13. Best “Official” USDA Green Restaurant: Gusto Organics
There’s a lot of hoop jumping when it comes to being “certified” – often this just means lots of time, paperwork, and money…something people in the restaurant business don’t always have in this economy. Despite it all, this place seems to go above and beyond the governmental call of duty…let’s see if you can taste the difference?

Location: 519 Ave of Americas @14th St. (West Village)
Kitchen Hours: Breakfast: Mon-Sun 8am-11am, Brunch: Sat, Sun, Holidays 11am-4pm, Lunch: Mon-Sun 11am-5pm, Dinner: Mon-Thurs 5pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-12am
Standard Order: try the assortment of Empanadas, $4 each

14. Best Green for Less Green: Ivo & Lulu
Sister to an UWS spot, this little bistro is relaxing and old fashioned. I also love that it’s so economical (I’m all for keeping to my budget; more “fun money” to gamble with! They have a BYOB with no corkage fee. Can you say, “Soho Sunday brunch that’s fun and affordable?” Their small menu has only about eight dishes, all of which are fresh and seasonal. It’s organic produce and all-natural D’Artagnan game only here, so get your green on while spending less green!

Location: 558 Broome St (Soho)
Kitchen: 6pm-11pm, Tues.-Sat.
Standard Order: Gratin Dauphinois (scalloped potatoes) $11, smoked chicken breast, goat cheese and papaya puree $13

15. Best Recently Gone Green: Mario’s Trattoria
A Steven Hanson spot that’s assimilating with the green trend. Not only is the food good here, but every Steven Hanson establishment has their own in-house water system. This Hell’s Kitchen restaurant offers some of the best brick oven pizzas made with the freshest ingredients.

Location: 493 9th Ave (Hell’s Kitchen)
Kitchen Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-11pm; Sun 11am-4pm
Standard Order: Margarita Pizza

16. Best Grocer: Marlow & Sons
This is a small, cozy restaurant in my favorite borough. They buy the entire animal from the farm and butcher it on the premises (makes me shudder a little, but I know it’s responsible because Kimberly constantly lectures me about this). This way the chef can use any and all of the parts of the animal and ensure quality. They continue the trend by cooking interesting cuts of meat not found in many standard restaurants. In the front of the place, there’s a coffee bar and gift shop that acts as a type of gourmet grocery. And check out the new sister butcher shop called Marlow & Daughters!

Location: 81 Broadway (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Kitchen Hours: daily 11am-12am; Brunch coming soon!
Standard Order: Baby Goat (cabrito: the new “it” food), Market Price

17. Best Dress Up and Go Green: Mas
This glamorous favorite uses local and organic food as much as possible. Their menu changes daily to compliment the season’s availability. They even have a listing of organic cocktails and local wines – when winter returns, try the champagne cocktail with organic pomegranates.

Location: 39 Downing St (West Village)
Kitchen Hours: daily 6pm-11:30pm
Standard Order: Try the tasting menu for the full experience at $68

18. Best, If You Must…: Opus
A few years back, when Amanda and I were still roommates, she had to go on a wheat-free diet that really put a damper in our mac’n cheese and Magnolia Bakery dates. I never want to have to give up gluten, but if you do, this spot in the UES offers gluten and dairy-free options, including pizza and pasta dishes.  So, it’s kinda a health food joint, and Kimberly, you’ll be surprised to discover it’s open really late—5am daily! P.S. They offer more standard fare as well (whew!) and they have a bar and do takeout.

Location: 1574 2nd Ave bt. 81st and 82nd (UES)
Kitchen Hours: Tues-Sun 11am-4am
Standard Order: Caprese pizza (gluten free or regular) $18, gnocchi with sweet sausage $17

19. Best Wait-Worthy: Shake Shack
Can you believe all their beef is hormone free and everything is made fresh? Not only are the cheese fries to die for (Kimberly literally calls them “da bomb”-embarrassed for her?) but you can enjoy your “green” burger in the green outdoors (Madison Square Park or now on the Upper West Side), weather permitting. Just be sure to pick up your litter! Note: The shack serves Rootbeer on tap and local brews for Oktoberfest.

Location: Madison Ave. & 23rd; Columbus Ave. & 77th St. (Flatiron and

Kitchen Hours: daily from 11am-9pm and 10:45am-11pm respectively
Standard Order: Shack Burger $4.75, Hand-Spun Shake $5.25, Cheese Fries $3.75

20. Best Burger: The Spotted Pig
This Tribe favorite, West Village gastro-pub dishes up homey food and drinks, including one of the best burgers in the city. Seasonal and organic ingredients are used by Chef April Bloomfield whenever possible, and all their buns, rolls, bread, pastry etc. come from the organic Blue Ribbon Bakery. Remember, in New York, “eating green” doesn’t have to mean spinach vegan cookies, one can have a responsible burger and fries!

Location: 314 W. 11th St (West Village)
Kitchen Hours: Bar Menu 3pm-5pm daily, Dinner 5:30-2am daily, and Brunch 11am-3pm (weekends)
Standard Order: Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese and Shoestrings $17 and Cask Beer $9

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