Saturday, April 4, 2009

The First Lady Digs In!

 Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail

Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail

I did have a garden first! Well, not so much a garden, as, like, a group of half-grown, over-plucked herb pots on the top of my six-story walkup—nonetheless…

I roundly applaud Michelle Obama’s efforts to bring our collective agricultural and food mentalities into a new era. This is my kind of era: one where Alice Waters’ advice is heeded, the nation’s first family sets a great example of responsible, healthful eating and the first lady is more than a just a style icon, she’s a gardener and a spokesperson for a cause I think is essential for the future of our country.  Those beautifully toned arms, showed off on the cover of Vogue, symbolize for me, her dirt digging, planting and harvesting of all those vegetables – and she looks damn good!

Despite the tongue lashing the Obamas initially received over their decision to keep the Bushes’ chef on board, foodies across the nation are beginning to eat their words. Not only has Michelle hired additional, impressive hands (such as Sam Kass, their chef from Chicago), but she’s also invited culinary students into the White House kitchen, helped serve in Washington’s soup kitchens, talked about the important aspects of eating locally and sustainably, and now she’s “breaking ground” on the new White House garden!

Nothing is more powerful than leading by example. Brava, Michelle!

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