I am not the only one to notice the symbiotic and highly profitable relationship between Big Food & Big Pharma, nor am I alone in diagnosing the tight grip they hold on chronic disease. I am a student of a small but growing few who have made it their lives’ work to advocate on behalf […]

Global warming may be killing the planet, but fast food is killing the people who live on it. I’m not singling out McDonald’s, Burger King, or any of the many fried chicken joints as the sole source of this most modern of epidemic plagues. That’s been done, well, and documented over and over again, even […]

April 12th, 2009

7,000 Cookies Later

Unless you live under a rock somewhere out in East Bumblefuck you must have heard that London’s lauded fashion haven TOPSHOP, opened last week to multi-million dollar business and mobs of people queuing up for blocks, waiting in line for hours, just to go shopping (and meet Kate Moss). The Dinner Belle catered the four-day […]

April 4th, 2009

The First Lady Digs In!

I did have first! Well, not so much a garden, as, like, a group of half-grown, over-plucked herb pots on the top of my six-story walkup—nonetheless… I roundly applaud Michelle Obama’s efforts to bring our collective agricultural and food mentalities into a new era. This is my kind of era: one where is heeded, the […]

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