db-cake2008 was such an exciting year for The Dinner Belle, and with the launch of our new website and exciting gigs with TOPSHOP, The Society and The Supper Club coming up later this month, 2009 promises to be even brighter!

It’s fun to think back to the time when Kimberly and I sat by the fireplace in my family’s Connecticut home, sipping tea (then red wine, then tequila—long conversation), plotting our takeover of the NYC catering world…ok, we didn’t set out to take over (just yet), but knew, as a team, we’d make an impressive mark. And from intimate UES brunches, to gorgeous, star-studded picnics, to penthouse Fashion Week showcases, we paved the way in the last year for a company that married our love for working alongside friends with a passion for feeding guests unexpected delights. With every new event, we plan a little more carefully, cook a little more impressively, and ultimately turn out events that only get better each and every time.

db-mousseOne of my favorite triumphs was our “Fancy” event. We presented a high-end, seated dinner for 30 executives, complete with a champagne reception on the private roof terrace of a gorgeous, rented penthouse, for a very impressive client.

The executives were from Macy’s, clients of Parlux, a top-notch perfume company, and the celebration was for Jessica Simpson’s new fragrance, called “Fancy.” (Celest, who grew up with Jessica, back in Texas, thinks the name of the scent is the height of irony!) At our event, the guests feasted on canapés such as our signature, truffle mousse mushroom tarts and scallop burgers, before sitting down to Kimberly’s decadent, “fancy” tasting menu. They toasted partnerships and bottom lines with wines 9-burgandy-braised-octopus-saladpaired with plates like grilled octopus and black coffee and chocolate-braised short ribs accompanied by pumpkin risotto. After individual apple tartlets a la mode, Kimberly and I were urged to come out and say “hello.” I never hesitate at a chance for attention (I am an actor, after all), so we smiled big, headed out in our matching aprons and received a standing ovation! (My first since a recent play reading about a high school-aged girl who becomes a champion skateboarder in rural Idaho. I had a very dramatic speech about gender inequality in The X Games and, well, I killed it!)

Anyway, I mentioned to the execs that not only had I catered their event, I am actually appearing in all of the Macy’s celebrity commercials, db-ekincluding the one featuring Jessica Simpson. This news was received as warmly as the finale of the meal—our decadent signature chocolate truffles.

Soon after this event, I played the part of Brooklyn hostess, when we celebrated our company’s anniversary, entertaining some of our clients, staff, and emotional supporters (all the Tribe. In the spirit of our “boutique” catering company status, we decided to keep it intimate. We made festive sweets like candied, pretzel cigs and cigars, pumpkin pizzelle cookies, plus our classic charcuterie board and partied the night away with bottles from my favorite local wine vendor, Sip Fine.

Our fingers are crossed for continued success in 2009 (and continued corporate budgets to allow for some new business for the Belles!). But, above all, we are extremely proud to launch our new website www.dinnerbellenyc.com and interactive blog. This has been a long time coming, but I’m so excited it has finally arrived!

Remember…New York Tastes Better with Belle!

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