Monday, March 9, 2009

‘Twat Waffle’ Debacle, by Sara

wafflesMy forthcoming book, People Are Unappealing: Even Me (head here to buy) has received some recent bits of advanced press in the New York food world and beyond thanks to a chapter detailing my experience waiting tables under the auspices of a celebrity chef.

Page Six found it, then New York Magazine, then, etc. Oh. And then Perez. So on the upside, Perez Hilton knows my name now. On the downside, however, I’m now out of job.

This is all to say: anyone hiring a baby-sitter? Or cleaning lady? I’m VERY good at Windexing.

No. Not really. Really it’s to say:

In honor of waiters and non-famous diners everywhere, and (let’s be honest) in a blatant attempt at my own self-promotion (I’m an out-of-work waiter now, after all) I’d be thrilled and honored to have you buy my book. It’s officially out on Tuesday March 10th, but can be preordered immediately on Amazon ‘voila.’ Voila means ‘here‘ in French.

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One Response to “‘Twat Waffle’ Debacle, by Sara”

  1. Wesley Verhoeve

    haha that trailer on amazon is hilarious

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