Thank God New York will still be cold for another few weeks. I need to hide in my cozy sweaters a bit longer and plot atonement for a recent baked goods overload that has left me feeling like the only “clothes” I have that fit properly are made of terry cloth. A robe is so […]

March 22nd, 2009

Bleu Belle

Life has been serving me up the blues lately. First there was the with my asshole-ex. Then Taleggio ate my peacock feather boa and started shitting blue; the vet was amused by my 3 AM, $300 hospital visit. That made one of us. His diagnosis, “Your cat has an affinity for feathers. Keep them out […]

2008 was such an exciting year for The Dinner Belle, and with the launch of our new website and exciting gigs with TOPSHOP, The Society and The Supper Club coming up later this month, 2009 promises to be even brighter! It’s fun to think back to the time when Kimberly and I sat by the […]

My forthcoming book, People Are Unappealing: Even Me (head here to buy) has received some recent bits of advanced press in the New York food world and beyond thanks to a chapter detailing my experience waiting tables under the auspices of a celebrity chef. Page Six found it, then New York Magazine, then, etc. […]

I have a confession to make: Despite cold temperatures, I get a major jonesing for fresh, summer berries this time every year. Alas! Fresh berries are not in season, and I just won’t eat Driscoll’s boxed decimation of a berry. Another confession: I’m sort of a seasonal food snob…there, I’ve said it! Such snobbery means […]

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