21. Best Soul Food: The Redhead
        Enjoying lots of press and nightly crowds, this new hotspot is frequented by chefs just getting off their shifts. Helping to popularize what I’m calling “New Southern” fare, this stick-to-your-bones comfort chic cuisine is perfectly hearty on a cold winter’s night, and easy on the pocketbook during recession times.

        Location: 349 E. 13th St. (East Village)
        Kitchen open until: 1am, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: Bacon Peanut Brittle ($5),
        Braised Short Ribs ($11), Sausage & Pretzel ($8)

22. Best Fried Food: Veselka
        I’ve got a soft spot for fried pierogi, cheese blintzes, and potato latkes at 4AM. Who knew? If you do too, there’s really only one option to satisfy your Easter European cravings for fried comfort.

        Location: 2nd Ave at 9th St. (East Village)
        Kitchen open until: 24 hr. a day, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: Ukrainian Borscht ($4.50), Potato Pancakes ($7.75), Cheese Blintzes ($6.25),
        Pierogi ($5.75)

23. Best Scene to be Seen: Pastis
        I’d love to hate this place for its long lines and endless attitude, but the croque madame and flattering lighting are just too good to resist. Both are forgiving at 2AM, and so am I, when I find myself in the “meat market” past midnight.

        Location: 9 Ninth Ave at Little W. 12th St. (Meatpacking)
        Kitchen open until: Mon-Fri 1:30 am, Thu-Sat 2am, Sun 1:30 am
        Standard Order: Croque Madame ($15), Steak Frites ($32), French Fries ($8)

24. Best Noodles: NY Noodletown
        Winter nights spent slurping noodles in a bar too steamy to peer into from the outside—that’s my kind of cold weather comfort. Snuggle up to a bowl of soup and soon you’ll forget the pigs, geese, ducks, and chickens hanging in the shop front window.

        Location: 28 Bowery St. at Bayard St. (Chinatown)
        Kitchen open until: 4am, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: Noodles & Salt Baked Squid ($9.25)

25. Best in a Pinch: L’Express
        When at a loss, L’Express to the rescue. Turns out Park Avenue has more to offer than the only true boulevard in the city. Le boulevard is home to one of only a very few 24/7 spots left in NYC. Everything is good here, though nothing is great…except the fact that they never close!

        Location: 249 Park Ave. S. (Gramercy)
        Kitchen open until: 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: Savory Onion Tart ($7.95), Escargots ($7.50), Frisee Salad ($9.25)

26. Best Sushi: Sushi Seki
        If you have to dine on the Upper East Side, much less late night, my recommendation is sushi and lots of sake! Drown your uptown sorrows with a hot sake and cold sashimi in this popular UES spot that craves cool.

        Location: 1143 1st Ave at 62nd St. (UES)
        Kitchen open until: Mon-Sat 3am
        Standard Order: Age Tofu ($5.50), Maguro Avocado ($9.50), Sushi ($22/$28)

27. Best No-Frills: Corner Bistro
        An institution, with the long lines, classic, musty bar smell and the cranky servers to prove it. But they cook their burgers and fries in bacon fat! Need I say more?

        Location: 3114 W. 4th St. at Jane St. (West Village)
        Kitchen open until: 4am, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: Bistro Burger ($6.50), French Fries ($2.00), McSorley’s Ale

28. Best Summer in Any Season: Ditch Plains
        Ditch your date and come lookin’ for cocktails and action around the bar late night. Lobster rolls and mac ’n cheese can satisfy your need for summer lovin’ any time of year. Could be worse!

        Location: 29 Bedford St at Downing St. (West Village)
        Kitchen open until: 2am, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: Peel-and-Eat Shrimp ($12), Lobster Roll ($23), Mac ‘n Cheese ($12)

29. Best of the Worst: Thor
        I hate the name, I hate the crowd, I hate bottle service, but I love a late menu after a long night gallivanting on the Lower East Side. This spot may have some work to do on ambiance, but the menu is pure comfort food chic…my favorite!

        Location: 107 Rivington St. btw. Essex St. and Ludlow St., in the Hotel on Ri
vington (LES)
        Kitchen open until: Sun-Wed 12am, Thu-Sat 3am
        Standard Order: Tuna Tartare ($14), BBQ Pork Belly Pizza ($12), Truffle Frites ($7)

30. Second Best: French Roast
        The bastard brother to L’Express, French Roast doesn’t hold quite the same place in my heart, but then again, it’s walking distance from my home. So when I’m need of some French fixins’ I mosey on over anytime day or night.

        Location: 78 W 11th St. at 6th Ave. (West Village)
        Kitchen open until: 24 hr. a day, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: French Toast ($10.25) & French Onion Soup ($6.95)

*31. Next Best: L’Artusi
        I threw in an extra spot for good measure…I haven’t yet been, but from what I hear, L’Artusi is gearing up to be the next best thing in late night dining! From the dell’anima crew comes a new Italian offering with another seductively open kitchen, and this one features a crudo bar and a menu with nearly nothing over $20! Currently, they close the kitchen at midnight, but I have Joe’s word that they will extend their hours till 2 AM any day now. Fingers crossed!

        Location: 228 W. 10th St. (West Village)
        Kitchen open until: 2am, 7 days a week
        Standard Order: Crudo ($12-$14) & Oysters (varies)

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