January 30th, 2009

Facebook Fame

Facebook is an amazing invention. I was begrudgingly turned onto it by my ‘tween cousins who insisted that by joining I’d not only reconnect with the myriad of high school classmates I’d been distancing myself from since graduation, but “better” yet, I’d occupy hours of my life with a mindless addiction that involves little more […]

21. Best Soul Food: The Redhead        Enjoying lots of press and nightly crowds, this new hotspot is frequented by chefs just getting off their shifts. Helping to popularize what I’m calling “New Southern” fare, this stick-to-your-bones comfort chic cuisine is perfectly hearty on a cold winter’s night, and easy on the pocketbook during recession times.         Location: […]

January 20th, 2009

Inauguration Libation

It seemed like today would never arrive, but it has…and it is amazing! Today is obviously a day for celebration. With a brilliant new president and brand spanking new year, I’m thrilled to be an American, delighted to be a New Yorker, inspired to serve (in my community and more dinner parties for friends!) and […]

11. Best Speakeasy: La Esquina Use the takeout window if you can’t get in, but seriously, get it. Slipping past the doorman, through the hot, busy kitchen, and into the glory of this underground Mexican speakeasy is annoying to say the least…BUT delicious at best. Location: 106 Kenmare St. at Lafayette St. and Cleveland Pl. […]

When I first met Celest I knew we’d be best friends when, surrounded by a group of clearly self-righteous 9-5ers, she loudly exclaimed, “There’s no inherent value in being a morning person!” I’m a night person. Period. And hearing Celest utter those sage words lifted me of a 20- year guilt trip I’d been carrying […]

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