Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nini’s Wedding, by Kimberly and Celest

mnKimberly: This has been a summer for weddings! Andrew and Carl, my neighbors back in Buff, and then the season culminated with Nini’s Beverly Hills bash.

Celest: I love weddings, and I never understand people who complain about being invited to too many of them.

Kimberly: And by “people” do you mean Erin?

Celest: Of course not. That girl could smile her way through seven back-to-back weekend destination weddings.

Kimberly: I think she did last June.

partyCelest: Honestly, weddings are an excellent excuse to travel and dress up. There’s cake. Champagne. Diamonds. Dancing. What’s not to love?

Kimberly: But not all destinations are equal.

Celest: No, not even close!

Kimberly: California set the bar. I didn’t really know what to expect, other than good food, since I’d consulted on the menu with the Four Season’s caterers. As it happened, the service was fantastic and the food really was done beautifully. The setting: sunset, rooftop penthouse of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, perfect weather, and all of L.A. spread out around us. Not a bad setup! The gustatory standouts turned out to be the crab quesadillas, the loin of beef, the Peking duck crepes and the truffled-porcini ravioli. And I don’t love wedding cake, so I wasn’t sad there was none of that.

margaritaCelest: I was a little sad. But I got over it by jumping on the chocolate crème brulee. And having another glass of champagne. Besides, by the time it was the hour for sweets, I’d had just enough to drink to make me really want a cigarette even more than I wanted dessert.

Kimberly: Aunt Linda to the rescue!

Celest: The groom’s Aunt Linda, from Something-or-other-shire, outside London, was our favorite guest at the party. And not just because she shared her cigs.

Kimberly: I fell in love when she said she was a Radiohead fan and her teenage daughters owed all their good taste in music to her. She was so sassy.

Celest: “Sassy” was Erica and her wedding table talk of hot sex with the half-Haitian she met in kcNew York during the bachelorette weekend:

“You guys. Like really. No, I mean really. Seriously, like really. Really, like—hot. He was. Seriously. Really. You have no idea. Seriously. Hot!”

Kimberly: Ha! She is so California!

Celest: The event really was beautiful, but nothing compared to Nini’s Elizabeth Filmore gown.

Kimberly: Except maybe those heirloom earrings.

Celest: Fucking true. Those were stunning, and she was glowing, and her family was so proud and kind to all the guests…

Kimberly: I know. And planning the whole ordeal caused her so much stress, but nailing every detail the way she did and gathering that size family together was an incredible feat. chefsShe pulled it off with great class, and the New Yorkers, UK-ers, West Coasters, USC Trojans, Vietnamese, Brits, film folks and everybody in between seemed so happy to be there.

Celest: Like Cynthia.

Kimberly: I love Cynthia!

Celest: I’m thrilled for Michael and Nini, who deserve all the happiness in the world. And I was so jealous to know that they were spending the rest of the week in California, since we were leaving.

train_001Kimberly: Don’t remind me. I didn’t want to leave Cali. It was tough to turn in the Prius and face down a redeye after such an astonishing trip of wine and sunshine, coastline and perfect produce at every turn. My vacation really made me understand how people loose their hearts to that other coast. Seems like a good life…

Celest: Yeah, it does. But nothing beats getting to come home to New York and the Manhattan skyline at sunrise.

Kimberly: Except bragging rights. Telling everyone on your travels, “I’m just visiting. I’m a New Yorker.”

XO, Cali!

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  1. Ashley I really talk that way?? I was laughing out loud reading that…xoxox-E

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