Thursday, June 26, 2008


taleg-1There’s a new man in my life and he’s a real lover. We’re guilty of heavy petting on the couch, morning makeout sessions in bed, and I’ve even taken to preparing all his meals.

I call him Taleggio ‘cause he’s luscious and, as a mischievous kitten, a real stinker! I couldn’t resist the name, but my new cuddler isn’t actually Italian…I’ve had enough Italian to turn me Slavic. Gio is a Russian Blue mut mix I adopted from the North Shore Animal League just two weeks ago and he’s quickly become family.

He’s a total gourmand, of course, and regularly jumps into my dinner plate. My last red sauce night led to his first bath! Wouldn’t you know he likes water, though not quite as much as the pork tenderloin from Snack. Let’s just hope he develops a similar palette for the Ratatouille-types that threaten my sanity, not to mention my catering license.

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  1. Fooding Around

    He’s adorable!

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