April 7th, 2008

Paris Perfect

Who would’ve thought my favorite dish in all of Paris would be cucumbers?! Enjoyed at a gorgeous little bistro on the Left Bank, steps from the Siene, on a street with a collection of the most exquisite papierboutiques imaginable. It was the entrée course (the first course; we’d call it an ‘appetizer’) from the menu du jour at […]

Here are some snippets I overheard while I sat with my computer and a lackluster sandwich at the new café/panini shop/ Italian import market, Affettati, on 7th St. between 1st and Ave A., in the course of about one hour, last Friday: (paraphrased) Owner: “Yeah, our panini press isn’t really working yet.” Customer: “Oh. Aren’t you a sandwich shop? […]

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